How Important is Sex in a Healthy Relationship

Sexuality and physical affection are such powerful forces in a relationship, and most of us don’t even think or talk about it enough.
You’ve likely heard it many times before: having sex regularly can strengthen your relationship with your partner and lead to a happier life overall. In fact, sex is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 


So, if you’re looking to strengthen your marriage, it might seem like a no-brainer to have sex every night. But how do you actually know when you’re having enough of it? 

Read on and find out, how important sex is, and what can you do to improve it!


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How Important is Sex in a Healthy Relationship


Importance of Sex in a Relationship


Oh, sex - the magical activity between two people (well, usually two people). When it is good, it is great. And when it is great, it can be amazing!
You may have been told that sex is important, but you may be wondering why. If you feel that you want to make sure that you are in a healthy, happy relationship, it's good that you have sex often. 
There are many benefits of keeping an active and creative sex life. Some of them include reduced stress, which builds a firm bond and higher intimacy. For many people, sex and intimacy make their bond stronger. 
And of course, it just feels good (if it does not, you are doing it wrong, or in rare cases, there might be some medical problem)!

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Sex and Affection


Studies have found that couples who express physical affection towards one another have a higher libido and likelihood of having more frequent sex, and this increases connection as well. 
When we feel affection for someone, it is much easier to open up and express  our thoughts and feelings. 
This encourages us to be more honest and to be more vulnerable. Being open to new experiences and adventures means we're more likely to have frequent sex, which makes us more likely to experience an orgasm. 
So, all in all, it is a positively reinforced loop - more sex brings you closer, and being closer lets you want more (and better) sex, which again strengthens your intimacy and it goes on. 
And remember, finding sex important is nothing to feel guilty about. If you have certain preferences regarding the frequency of physical affection and being intimate that don't line up with your partner, that can create lasting issues. 
A sex therapist can provide you with sexual health advice that can help you thrive long term.

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Benefits of Sex In Relationships


There are a number of benefits that come with regular sexual activity. Sex offers a lot of positives outside of pleasure, and there are many reasons why having sex is good for your brain, body, and relationship. 
A study even found out that sexual activity can lift up your mental health, build up intimacy, and help you express emotions.
While it is necessary to have a passionate relationship with your partner, we also think it's critical to have good sex. After all, if you are not having sex, you are missing out on some pretty great benefits. 
We at Joyful Couple, believe that sex should be enjoyable for both partners and that it is something that should be shared between partners in a healthy relationship. 
It has been proven that sex in a monogamous relationship increases your level of commitment and physical connection with the other person. 
Expressing love through sex increases the likelihood of you staying together. As a result, sex is associated with long-lasting and happy marriages and a lower divorce rate.

How Important is Sex to a Man in a Relationship


It is no secret that the importance of sex is not the same for both genders. Surely, it is necessary for both - men and women.  And it is completely possible that it may vary particularly for you because we all are different. But due to psychology, there are some general differences between genders. 
On average men are more physical and more direct, so sex for men is actually very important because for men sex itself is an act of connecting (not talking about one-night stands), and it makes him appreciate his partner more. For women, it may be the other way around. 
When a man notices that the sex is becoming less frequent, or the other person shows less affection, he often begins to reason that it is his fault (while on many occasions that is not the case). He may take it very personally, and lose his sex drive. 
When men lose their sexual drive, the relationship or marriage goes through a major downturn. They may become less attentive, more impatient, and more demanding a way of protect their feelings. 
This can cause stress for both people. And in more extreme cases he can become more likely to cheat. 
On the other hand, when his libido is high, he's more affectionate, he's more attentive, and he's more likely to support his partner emotionally.

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How Important is Sex to a Woman in a Relationship


Due to many old myths, it may be hard to imagine how sex could be a critical element in a woman's life, but don't be fooled. There are plenty of women who seek desire and don't feel fulfilled in their relationships or marriages. 
In fact, the study suggests that women who get regular sex are happier than those who don't. "If women are thinking that their sex lives are poor, it can affect every part of their lives, they're less likely to eat healthy, and they may have relationship difficulties". 
But as mentioned before, often libido, sexual attraction, and satisfaction for women are the byproducts of a steady emotional bond. So, when her emotional needs are not met, her sex drive is not as well. 
So, it is no surprise that women whose partners are more sexually interested in them were happier than those whose partners weren't interested. 
In fact, a whopping 67% of women say sex in a relationship is important to them, and according to a study by Holly N. Thomas, sex remains important to 45% of women in early midlife
Actually, women’s sexual desires can change from day to day. But for men, it is more constant, and men can be in the mood for sex more often than women. 

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Are You Having Enough Sex?


In general, many people prefer to have sex once or twice a week, but this varies from person to person.
What matters most is not having enough sex, but having good sex the right amount for you and your partner. Having the right amount is based on what you feel like doing and when you feel like doing it. Sometimes, what feels right in your head may not feel right to your partner. 
For example, some women may prefer to engage in intercourse only once a week, while their partners may want to have sex every day (but the opposite is possible as well). 
In these cases, having an open and honest conversation about sex can help you figure out what feels right and what doesn't and how to grow your physical affection, intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. 
It's also crucial to remember that sex is just one part of being in a relationship. You can't simply have a lot of sex life and assume that you and your partner will automatically have a good relationship. 
If you are having issues, maybe sex has become boring for you, it is important to address those problems before you can expect your sex life to become better.

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How to Have Better Sex as a Couple


So, we have established that sex is important for men and women, good. What now? Let's find out, how to do it more, better, and more creative

Sex can be an emotionally charged experience between two people and the best sex can lead to the deepest, most fulfilling romantic love, but for many, it’s a long way down the road. 
It’s easy to get into sex ruts, especially if you’ve been together with your partner for a long time. It’s natural to fall into sexual patterns that are familiar and comfortable. Those who know how to keep their sexual relationships fresh and exciting tend to get more out of them. 
What are the keys to a great sex life? For one thing, it means working on your own insecurities and experimenting in the bedroom. If you’re afraid of rejection or afraid of not being attractive enough, you may sabotage yourself. 
In addition, it means taking time for yourself, and becoming more confident. Some people find that they have a lot of energy when they first get together, but as time goes on they lose steam. It’s also vital to talk about what you’re thinking and feeling. When you’re not able to communicate your feelings clearly, you can’t be honest with each other. 
It’s also helpful to communicate your needs, especially if you have a long-distance relationship. When you know what your partner wants, you can do more for him or her when you are together.

How to Spice Up a Stale Relationship?


Many people are quick to label their relationship with a spouse or significant other as stale. 
Stale doesn’t mean dead, but it does mean that things have stopped growing. Staleness could also indicate that the relationship isn’t as fulfilling sexually as it used to be. 
But sometimes, the best way to help a stale relationship is to change your approach altogether. 
One of the easiest ways to bring new sexual energy into a relationship is to focus on what you both enjoy, and that involves communicating with each other. 
Find out, what you like, and what you would like to try together. Also, a crucial part is to know when to do it? Can you be spontaneous, or for some sexy fun, you have to schedule it?
For example, if your spouse spends most of their time at work, then a good way to start is with a little planning. 
Plan out sexy dates that involve a lot of sexual and sensual activities like - couples massage, a slow dance, intimate conversations, romantic activities, playing a sexy game, and simply just being together. 
To spice up a routine, take a new approach and create your own reasons for the spark to reignite. 

In short, 8 steps for higher libido and better sex



  1. Take care of yourself (if we feel good about ourselves our sexual attraction will be stronger). 
  2. Show desire (show or tell your partner you want him/her). 
  3. Talk about sex with each other (if you don't ask, what your partner likes, how will you know it?). 
  4. Express your desires and fantasies (go beyond talking - express yourself). 
  5. Don't skip the foreplay (great sex begins with good foreplay). 
  6. Try new things (if you don't know where to start, consider playing a sexy game). 
  7. Take it slow. If you or your partner don't enjoy something, don't push it. 
  8. Do more of the things you enjoy.
But if nothing else helps, then a good idea might be to visit a therapist. 


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How Joyful Couple Can Help Achieve Better Sex?


We stand for good, loving, and passionate relationships, so we have made several games specifically to build up sexual intimacy, each serving its unique purpose. So, if you wish to better your sex life, chances are at least one of the games will be the right fit for you. 

The Foreplay Game will let you start the evening with playful yet intense foreplay. 
The Naughty Game is the jack of all trades including activities ranging from romantic to very naughty.
The Kinky Game - if pure pleasure is what you are looking for, then this game has it all, from BDSM to trying out sex toys, to fun outdoors.
The Naughty Scenarios will open up new worlds to those, who enjoy role-play. 
The Kinky Challenges is our most extreme game only for the most daring couples.

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More than one study shows that sex is a not only a very important activity to a healthy relationship, it is actually necessary for your relationship to thrive.
Healthy sex life can reduce stress, improve your overall happiness, and forge a stronger commitment. It can also help you avoid a number of sexual issues that can occur in relationships. 
The positives of sexual compatibility are numerous, including greater intimacy, more satisfying and enjoyable sex, lower stress levels, higher libido, and less tension between couples. 
Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find someone who shares your sexual interests, or often we neglect our sexuality. 
So, it is crucial to think and talk about it. Hopefully, this article was able to give you some insight, where to begin.

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.

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