Joyful Couple&
Joyful Couples Sensual Pleasure Ties - Bind yourself phusically and emotionally.
Joyful Couple&
Joyful Couples Sensual Pleasure Ties - Bind yourself phusically and emotionally.
Joyful Couple&
Sensual Pleasure Ties (Black)
Joyful Couples Sensual Pleasure Ties - Use as restraints or blindfold
Sensual Pleasure Ties (Black)

Sensual Pleasure Ties (Black)

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Bedroom Restraints | Tighten The Bonds of Your Chemistry

Tighten the bond between lovers by introducing bedroom restraints. It’s true that sexy couples games will help tease out your hidden desires. But did you know that you can take your intimacy to new heights by adding satin restraints? There are a variety of accessories for couples that add their own kind of kinky challenge, but being bound is a unique experience that entrances you both.

Whether you like to bind or be bound, you and your partner each partake in an intricate dance — an exchange of power — which happens when you introduce bedroom restraints to your relationship. Science has even provided proof that using restraints in the bedroom actually complements the chemistry of a relationship. This means that bedroom restraints can enhance your connection, on a chemical level. 

A Gentle Introduction

There are a variety of ways to introduce these satin restraints to your relationship, including playing a naughty game to set the mood. Take care to let your partner know that even though the person being bound may seem more vulnerable, they are actually the one with the most control. Because the unbound person is completely at their service. 

Satin restraints can also be introduced to your scene as a blindfold. This will leave your partner’s hands free to explore and eases them gently into the experience of bedroom restraints. It won’t take long for you both to experience the heightened sensations that can be achieved when you take your time and intentionally guide one another through each step of your experience together. 

These bedroom restraints are perfect for any couple looking to strengthen their bond. As always, discretion is of the utmost importance. This is why they come in a stylish matte laminated box. There is also a discreet gift bag included so your secret can accompany you wherever your exploration leads.

How to use:

Use as restraints - tie yourself to each other or to an object (i.e. bed or a chair).
Use as ties - tie your wrists or ankles together.
Use as a blindfold - blindfold your eyes.


- A set of 2 Satin Ties (restraints)
     Size: 150 x 7 cm (59 x 2.75 in)
- A satin Gift bag
     Size: 15 x 20 cm (5.9 x 7.9 in)
The ties (restraints) and the gift bag are made from soft and high-quality satin.

Box size18.5 x 10 x 2.7cm (7.1 x 3.93 x 1.18 in)

Color: Black.
*Actual color might be slightly different than seen on screen.

Great with:

- Naughty Game

- Kinky Game

- Foreplay Game

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Joyful Couple: Reliable shipping options
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Joyful Couple: Quality products for couples
Joyful Couple: Quality products for couples

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