Couple Goals: Benefits of Regular Date Nights


Everyone knows that one of the most effective ways to strengthen a relationship is to spend time together on a regular basis, but it is not enough just to spend time together.
From time to time, you must spend truly quality time together, when you forget about everything else and focus only on each other. And that is where date nights come in!
So, read on and find out the most important benefits of date nights, and quick tips how to improve the quality of them.
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Couple Goals: Benefits of Regular Date Nights



Most people know that dating is important in a successful relationship, but what they may not know is that it's even more important to date on a regular basis. 
Studies show that when people have a regular weekly date with their partner, they're more likely to stay together after the honeymoon phase


It’s a way to connect emotionally

If your relationship is stuck, there’s a good chance that you aren’t doing what you need to do to get closer. One way to change this? Do something together.
It doesn’t matter what it is you want to do. Take a trip to the nearest museum or art gallery. Go out to dinner at a restaurant with a candle-lit table. Book tickets to see a movie. It could be as simple as going to bed early and making love.
This doesn't mean that all dates have to be romantic. In fact, they can be the opposite of romantic, but what matters is that you focus on spending time together.
You may go for a walk while having deep conversations, or you can go skydiving, where you experience closeness through adrenaline and excitement. There are millions of date nights to uncover.  
Just remember to be in the present with each other. This can help you to feel closer and have more fun, and it can help you to make the most of the time you’re spending together.

Relationship goals date nights

It’s a way to be playful

The everyday routine with all the stress and responsibilities can be too much sometimes and that leaves an impact on your relationship as well, but date nights bring out the fun in your relationship. 
If you're looking for some ideas to spice up your date, consider doing something a little out of the ordinary. Of course, there are the usual dates, like going to a restaurant, movie theater, walks in the city which all are amazing, but from time to time you can have a playful date night.
Do something you've never done before, try bungie-diving, go to wine school, ride go-karts, team up or challenge each other at a paint-ball match.
Be playful together, be prepared for unexpected things and a fun time is guaranteed.


It’s a way to get away from technology

If you are like most people, you are using technology – phones, TV, computers for a major part of your daily life, and although technology can help you do more in your life, it also takes you away from some truly important things in life.
Date nights can allow you to disconnect and focus on love, affection and simply having a good time together.
This doesn't mean you have to disconnect completely, and there are kinds of date nights when technology is a must (i.e., movie night). 
And you can have the occasional glance in your phone also when on a date night, but at least sometimes trey to use it as little as possible, so it doesn’t let that distract you from your time with your partner.
If you wish, you can think of it of kind of technology detox.


It’s a way to focus on each other

There are times, when we like being alone, but when we are in the presence of someone special to us, it is a different feeling.
We want to connect and talk and share things that are important to us and have some fun together.
This is why date nights are such a wonderful way to spend quality time with your significant other. They are also a great way to bond with each other and create a sense of belonging and unity.


laughing together as a couple

A few quick tips on how to improve your date nights:

1. Try to go on date nights regularly

At the beginning it may seem hard or impossible to go on a date night every week, or every two weeks, but starting small and making it a habit, you will see that it will become less intimidating and become a natural part of your relationship.
It doesn't have to be a huge date night out or even a weekend getaway. Just finding something you can do together regularly can make a big difference. 

2. Plan and prepare ahead of time

We all want to be spontaneous when it comes to date night, but there is nothing wrong to have at least a bit of planning.
When you do your homework, you can make sure that you’re going to be able to find the restaurant you want to visit or the museum you want to see and plan a romantic date that will be unforgettable.

3. Make sure you’re both on the same page

Date night is a great way to spend quality time with your spouse and improve your relationship, but it can also be a bad experience, if you are not on the same page.
Date nights should be fun and relaxed, so there is no point having a date night doing something one of you just does not want to do.
So, it is important to talk about the things you like. When having a nice, thoughtful conversation you might be surprised to find out many things you have in common and many things you could do together.
A great way to find out more about your partner and relationship is to play the Life Conversations. It is a game that contains 100 questions for couples about relationship, values, money and other important questions. 

Relationship conversation game

4. Be open to new activities and ideas

At its core date nights are about trying new things, so you should be open to new ideas and new activities to take part in.
How “new” – it is up to you. You could go to a different restaurant or even a new place entirely. Or you can visit different cities or have a go at completely different activities – form restaurants, to hiking, to going on a rad trip to something even more adventurous.
There are definitely new things that both of you would like to try, you just have to find them.

5. Schedule time to have fun

In addition to having a small plan, it is important to also schedule your date night, because chances are that you both have to go to work to studies or other important things to do.
The truth is that are not available just like that, and if you will expect that every date night will be spontaneous, you might be disappointed more than not.
So, you can either schedule a particular day of the week that always is open for a date night, or schedule a specific time and date for the next date night, or do something other that fits your daily life.
If you both know about your schedule, then you can use the calendar to set dates for date nights.


And if you want to simply have some spicy fun together, then scheduling sex is also a great idea.


Couple goals dating

So, what makes Date Nights a relationship goal? 

There are many reasons why a couple should go on date nights, and many benefits that come out of it.
We covered several benefits, but in general date nights will strengthen your relationship, allow you to escape from the daily responsibilities of life, will let you have fun, and just let you bond together as a couple.
A date night can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and give you both some time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company.
And the best part, it doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to be formal. Just make sure that you’re both on the same page, have fun and create fun, exciting and memorable moments together!
What else we need to say? It is just a great way to improve your relationship and it is a definite addition to our list of “Couple Goals”

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.


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Maybe, we missed an important thing that makes date nights as a couple goal to you?
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