Relationship Games to Bring You Closer

Intimacy is the glue that holds loving couples together. And intimacy isn’t entirely concerned with sex. Intimacy is a mutual knowledge of each partner’s needs as a whole person.

At Joyful Couple, we’ve created a collection of relationship games, intimate accessories, and other unique products. You can find games that focus on sexuality, some on romance, but all of them improve some aspect of your relationship.

Why Choose Joyful Couple?

The purpose of these intimacy games for couples is to give lovers a fun way to talk, exploring each other in a deeper way.

It’s so much easier to talk about your life experiences, shared sexuality, and even turn ons if you’re playing a game together, answering guided questions. Relationship games are a form of adult play that encourage the joy of discovering each other.

Intimacy Games for Couples

At Joyful Couple, we understand that modern relationships need to take a breath sometimes. Relationship games are fun, helping couples to strenghten their relationship in a relaxing, loving way. We at Joyful Couple know how complex intimacy is. That’s why we’ve thought of everything from romance to kinks, nice to naughty. Our games run the full range, bringing couples unique experiences:

Foreplay / Naughty / Kinky / Romantic / New Parent


Joyful Couple’s Conversations collection continues the discussion with deep conversations about life. But conversations can have a naughty side too, bringing a greater depth to our intimacy games for couples. 

Life Conversations / Naughty Conversations

Feel, Play, Love

Our collections at Joyful Couple go beyond games, bringing joyful couples everywhere a tasteful source of intimacy-enhancing fun. With choices from massage oils to our travel journal that is the keepsake of your adventures, there’s something for everyone! Our guests also have access to unique bundles, multiplying their joy.

Relationship games are only part of what we do at Joyful Couple. And as we grow, we’ll continue to bring you the best of everything. Offering worldwide shipping, we serve couples seeking relationship bliss wherever they are.

We hope you enjoy our mindfully curated collections. Let us help you find your joy!