14 Tips to Get You in the Mood for Sex

You probably know how important is sex in a relationship, but maybe you are wondering how you can keep it hot and sizzling between the sheets. 
Well, there’s a good chance that the answer is right in front of your nose (e.g., in one of these tips), so why not make use of it? 
When it comes to sex, we all know that mood really does matter, and it matters a lot. When you’re in a certain state of mind, a certain type of environment can be an aphrodisiac or drastically change your mood. 
But when it comes to having sex, the way you feel and think about it is just as important. 
Sex is one of the most pleasurable feelings that we experience daily. After all, we’re designed to be sexual creatures. However, there are a lot of factors that come into play in order for sex to be enjoyable for both partners. 
In the midst of all the hormones, emotions, and other physiological states that we’re in, it can be difficult to be in the right mindset to have the best sex ever.  
To help you find ways to get you in the mood for sex, here are 14 easy ways to put yourself in the right place for better-quality sex.
*To learn more tips on how to improve your intimate life, see our Sexual Health section here.


*Tips are sorted in no particular order and can be done separately. 


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14 Tips to Get You in the Mood for Sex


1.   Create a Sensual Setting



As any successful seductress will tell you, setting an atmosphere is a great way to get yourself and your lover in the mood.  
It doesn't matter if it's in the form of a romantic dinner, dimmed lights, or a glass of wine, setting the right ambiance can go a long way toward creating the mood for a passionate and unforgettable night of sex. Practice makes perfect! 
The key to this is having the right triggers that bring out the sexuality in both of you to indulge in healthy intimacy.
For some the more candles you have, the more your environment will resemble a boudoir, for others it can be an evening with deep and meaningful conversations, and for others watching a raunchy movie will bring out the sexiness.


2.   Turn Your Partner On


If you want to turn your significant other on, don't just sit there waiting for them to just be horny.  
Look at him/her, stroke their arm, massage their shoulders, and talk to them. Touching is a natural way to communicate affection and love to another person and is a good way to let them know what you're feeling. 
Caressing your partner's body can send different signals, depending on where you touch them and how hard or soft you do that. To get the message across, think about the words that come to mind when you feel your spouse's body. 


how to turn on your partner

3.   Use Words That Are Playful and Sensual


Communication and emotional intimacy matter a lot. That includes our body language and what we say.  
To get your significant other in the mood try to switch up the way you talk and express more compliments and maybe even talk dirty. 
Ask questions like “Are you as comfortable as you would like to be?”, “What would you like me to do with my hands or my mouth, or what about you?”, and “If we would be in bed right now, what would we do?”. 
Start to practice it every time you are ready to have sex.

4.   Stay fit


This is not particularly something you can do on the spot, but being active and fit will overall increase your libido and your mood and sex drive will become more stable. 
So, it is wise to have at least the occasional exercise. Once a week go for a run, ride a bike or do yoga at home.  
This will not only make you feel better about yourself, but also reduce stress levels, and let you get in the mood more easily.


man and woman being intimate in bed

5.   Tell a Sexy Story


Don't underestimate a sexy story - it can leave a big impact and inspire you and your partner for hot moments.
If you want to get your loved one into the mood for sex, the right words will do the trick, and on top of sensual talk, you can tell a raunchy story! 
You can get very creative here and can tell an imagination of what you and your lover could be doing, or you can tell something sexy about other, fictional people. Whichever comes more naturally to you.

6.   Be Romantic


They say that foreplay starts immediately when the sex ends, so romance plays a big role in your intimate life as well as getting someone into the right mood. 
The easiest way to turn your lover on is to make the effort. It's easy to be lazy when it comes to romance, especially when you're in a long-term marriage. 
But the benefits are obvious and immediate. A great way to start making your spouse feel loved is by being more affectionate and thoughtful. 
You can be romantic by surprising her with gifts, taking her out to nice restaurants, going to nice movies together, and doing small things for her that show she's important.


romance in foreplay

7.   Use Your Hands


One of the ways you can get your spouse in the mood for sex is to use your hands. Yes, hands! Shocking, right?  
Whether you are trying to excite your partner or bring him or her to orgasm, using your hands will help make this happen. 
This can be something as innocent as gently rubbing your partner’s back and neck and can go all the way to giving a hand job. 
Probably the best way to go is to start slowly and then mix it up by teasing each other with all kinds of sensual touches.  
Masturbation can be a powerful tool during sex, foreplay, and when getting you both in the mood.


8.   Use Sex Toys 


To take it up a notch, use sex toys in your arsenal. There are many you can use when you already are in the mood and others that can get you there. 
For example, taking something as simple as blindfolding your partner can create sexual tension, as your lover will experience the excitement and wonder what will come next. 
There is so much to choose from - you start with a simple vibrator or sexy lingerie, or you can try foreplay, anal, and masturbation toys. Nowadays there are so many sex toys for him and for her
Even talking about introducing a sex toy in your next play, can get you in the right mood! 

Spicing it up in your relationship

9.   Be Spontaneous


Every couple is different, but from time to time everyone likes to do some exciting, and explore their desires and hidden pleasures in the bedroom. 
So, surprise your partner with a sexy and unexpected treat. Wear a set of sexy lingerie, say you want to take a sexy shower together so you can unwind and explore each other bodies.
Or take a totally different route - go to a fancy restaurant and have a spectacular dinner, drink, share a spicy conversation, connect, and end it with a sexy night under the sheets. 


10.   Keep the Mood Light


The idea is simple, but it works. Quite simply make your partner relaxed, and leave all the stress at the door.  
Propose him/her to go shower or to relax in the bath, prepare their favorite drink, put on some soothing music, and prepare the room. 
By changing your lighting or ambient noise, you’ll be able to make the room feel like a different place. giving a sensual massage.
Use this technique to get your partner's libido higher and excited for sex, or to get them more in the mood for sex when they’re feeling stressed or exhausted. 

how to get him in the mood

11.   Know Your Boundaries


Sometimes it just is not the right time to get into the mood, and trying to get someone in the mood would be forced to have sex, so it is important to know your boundaries.
Begin by asking yourself whether you both are comfortable doing something, and do you think your partner actually is up for sex right now.
Maybe, it has been a difficult day and your partner needs a shoulder to rest on, so better connect instead, and the sexy time will come later naturally.

12.   Play a Sexy Game


Sometimes the daily responsibilities just get in your way of getting in the mood. 
In these times you might need some outside influence to get you both going, and a great mediator of sorts is a sexy bedroom game
These kinds of games will do the talking on your behalf and act as motivators for you to explore and figure out what you both love.
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13.   Be Patient

Sex has to be approached with the right attitude," says sexologist Dr. Rachel Venning. "It's not a race — it takes time. And a lot of patience."

One of the most important aspects of foreplay is your own arousal and excitement. And this includes setting the stage for sexual activity. 

One way is to try intentionally to get in the mood, but you can also wait until you’re aroused and then slowly move into the next room.

Sometimes the best way is to wait a little. If quick tips do not help you, then it probably is wise to wait for a little. Not to force it.

But, if you (or your partner) just cannot get in the mood for a long period of time, probably there are some bigger problems underneath, and you should resolve them first. This will prevent even more stressful situations.

14. Find Your Unique Solution

Everyone and every couple have different levels of sex drive, unique fantasies, and needs for pleasure, so there is no one-fits-all solution. 

The best way to approach this is to be open with each other. Open to communication and trying new things. 

Talk about sex and your preferences, then play out some of your fantasies. Switch it up, then see what you both enjoy the most, and then do it more.

Keep it fun, honest, and sexy.

how to get in the mood for sex

In Conclusion


Every woman and man has an ideal sex life that they desire to experience, and many people (if not most) never achieve that. 
Your sexuality is something that you should treat as a valuable resource and not a source of guilt, shame, frustration, stress, or pressure. There is no magic pill, potion, or technique for getting in the mood for sex at any time or increasing your libido.
You are not a robot, nor should you feel like one, so getting in the mood is not something you can "control, "but there are some things that can help you to get in the mood. 
So. we have gathered a few ideas for you in this article, but of course, there are many more – and definitely, there are some that fit your taste. You just have to experiment and find out what works for you and your partner the best. 
Just remember don’t stress and force anything. In fact, the best sex is when you take the time to truly feel it, and that's when you'll want to have more!

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.


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