Refund policy

1. Refunds and Returns

A1. Physical Products, arrived damaged/faulty:

If your product arrived faulty or in an inadequate condition, you are eligible for a refund or reshipment of the item(-s), but you must provide valid proof of such an event.

To receive a a full refund or a replacement package for an item that arrived damaged, contact us within 5 days of receiving the item/-s.

A2.Physical Products, new-like quality and still in shrink wrap:

You may return undamaged, like - brand new quality- products within 45 days. When returning new-like products, the the shipping costs and return costs are not refunded. Also a restocking fee must be paid.

In case the item(-s) are still in their shrink wrap film, you might be eligible to send it back to our partner warehouse located in the US*. You will receive a refund as soon, as the partner warehouse will receive the returned item)-s).

If the item(-s) are unwrapped, the item(-s) can be returned to our European warehouse (read the next section).

*This is possible only for the items that are available at the warehouse.

 A3. Physical Products, new-like quality, but unwrapped:

You may return undamaged, like - brand new quality- products within 45 days.

In case the item(-s) are unwrapped (i.e., removed from the shrink wrap film), the items cannot be resold, so they must be returned to our central warehouse in Europe. In case you want to return a product, you are responsible for shipping it back to our European warehouse, and the associated shipping cost. You will receive a refund as soon, as we will receive the item back.

To be eligible for a refund and/or return you must Contact Us within 45 days of receipt. Any claim made after 45 days of receipt is not eligible for a refund. 

If you return a non-faulty product, the actual shipping costs, return costs, and a restocking fee of $3.99 per unit will be deducted from the total refund amount.

NOTE: please, double-check your provided name and address. We are not responsible for any incorrectly delivered packages due to the incorrectly provided address and/or name of the recipient. In this case, you may not be eligible for a refund.

B. Massage Oils

Due to the nature of Massage oils, after opening, they cannot be returned back. If you received your massage oil, but want to return it back, please, do not open the packaging (preferably do not remove the plastic wrap from the box), otherwise, we won't be able to accept your returned oil.

Of course, if you receive a damaged item, you can return it and receive a full refund (see. below, section 2.)
*IMPORTANT - In the boxes of Massage Oils, we have created a special insert that holds the bottle and prevents damaging of the bottle while being transported, so if you receive your Massage Oil with a broken insert, this is not considered as damaged packaging. It just means the insert fulfilled its purpose.

C. Digital products:

Digital products: We cannot issue refunds for digital products such as PDF files, therefore digital purchases are non-refundable.
*If you purchased a digital file, but were not able to download it, please, Contact Us, we will re-send it as soon as possible.

D. Lost in Transit packages:

In rare cases, the delivery services can lose a package, and we have a 20-day policy for a package to be considered as "lost in transit".

Therefore, if the tracking information for your shipment is not updated for at least 20 consecutive days, the package is considered as lost in transit.

In case your package is lost in transit, you are eligible for either:

1) A full refund or,

2) A replacement package.

As most carriers keep shipment records for less than 120 days, a claim for a lost and/or undelivered package can be submitted no later than 100 days since the order date.

2. Damaged Items

You have the right to return damaged items or items of inadequate quality within 14 days of the receipt of the item. If you received a damaged item, you do not have to pay for the exchange and/or return of the damaged item.

In case you received a damaged unit, we can ask you to provide proof (such as a photograph, video, description etc.) regarding the damaged unit.

To apply for a return/refund for a damaged item, you must contact us no later than 5 days of the receipt. For a applying a damaged claim, please, send us an email to stating these details:

- Order number
- Description of the damage
- A photo or video of the damage
- Your preferred resolution (new item, refund, exchange etc.)
- Any other information you consider important 

After receiving your request, we will evaluate the request and get back to you as soon as possible, but no longer than within 14 business days. If the request will be approved, depending on the situation, you will be eligible for: a full refund, exchange of the item, or a new item.

3. Additional information regarding shipping and returns

Cancel an order

If the order is not yet processed for shipping, the order can be cancelled. After it has been processed, unfortunately the order is no longer cancellable.

The orders usually are being processed within 1-12 hours, so in case you would like to cancel the order, please, make sure to send us a message no later 1 hour after placing the order, otherwise there is a high chance, we will not be able to cancel it.

Fees for the return

If you wish to return the package manually, the shipping is not included. In case you want to return an item you are responsible for shipping and shipping costs of the returned item.

The return address

It is set by default to the Joyful Couple facility or office. Only after the unclaimed package is sent back to us, you are eligible for a refund. If you have unclaimed the package, you are responsible for contacting us. If you don't contact us within 100 days of the day the order was returned back to sender / partner warehouse, you are no longer eligible for a refund. 

Wrong Address

If you or your end customer provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be delivered to a wrong address or returned to our facility. 

In case the order will be sent back to the sender, you will be liable for a partial refund or a replacement package by paying the reshipping costs. The reshipment costs will be calculated once we have confirmed an updated address with you.

If a wrong recipient receives the order due to a mistake of your part, you are not eligible for a refund

Unclaimed packages

Shipments that go unclaimed are returned to our facility and you will be liable for the cost of a reshipment to yourself or your end customer. Only after the unclaimed package is sent back to us, you are eligible for a partial refund. If you have unclaimed the package, you are responsible for contacting us. If you don't contact us within 100 days of the order date, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Returned by Customer

If you are placing, but the receiver is a third person, it is best to advise your end customers/ end recipient to contact you before returning any products. We do not issue a full refund on orders because of buyer’s remorse, and product exchanges are to be offered at your expense and discretion. A new order, at your expense, would need to be placed for an updated product(-s) if you choose to accept or offer product exchanges to your end customers.

If you need to return an item or you think you are eligible for a refund, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions on how to return items from your order.

4. International Taxes and Duties

International customers (outside of EU) are responsible to pay any applicable inbound duties, taxes, and any other fees which your local Customs authority deems appropriate. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by SIA Joyful Couple, and thus cannot be refunded.

We ship international packages DDU (duties and taxes unpaid), meaning that these fees are not included in the price of the goods you purchase from our website. All applicable fees must be paid by the recipient in order to receive the parcel. As we are unable to advise the amount of what these fees might be, we recommend contacting your country's customs office or tax agent for respective charges and rates on a package coming outside of your country.