We believe in strong relationships not only between couples, but in business relations as well. 

All our products are crafted to be beautiful, functional and with the intention to be conveniently placed on a shelf and catch the eye of your customers.

So, if you are a retailer who wishes to sell our products, please, let us know at sales@joyful-couple.com.


1. Who can participate?

If you are a retail store, a distributor or an online store, which holds items in your stock, you can be eligible to our wholesale offer.


2. What products do we offer in wholesale?

At this moment we provide every product you can find on our website, except the Travel Journal. But this can change. To receive a detailed offer, please, contact us at sales@joyful-couple.com


3. Minimum order size

First orders can be ordered in smaller quantities, but regular orders have Minimum order size depending on your region:

- Europe: the min. order value is 200 Eur.

- USA and Canada: min order size is 400 USD.

- Other countries: min. order size is between 200 to 500 Eur/USD

To receive a detailed offer, please, contact us at sales@joyful-couple.com


4. Payment terms

We work on pre-payment terms via Bank transfer or using Faire wholesale platform. 

We accept:

1) 100% pre-payment or

2) 50% pre-payment before shipment and 50% on arrival

3) Via Faire.com wholesale platform (to use Faire, please, click the button below, or contact us, if it does not work)

We know that you need to make profit, so the wholesale prices are tailored to fit well in the respective niche, but the price depends on the region, order size and other factors.

To know the actual offer with the wholesale prices, MSRP tailored for you, please, contact us at sales@joyful-couple.com


5. Faire wholesale platform 

Faire is a wholesale purchasing platform, that let's retailers place wholesale orders while enjoying important benefits.

Benefits: it let's you place an order with protection program and pay within 60 days of your order.

Cons: as most platforms it is not free. It has a commission structure, therefore the wholesale orders placed on Faire will be a bit more expensive (approx. 10-15%) than the orders paid directly via bank transfer.

To place an order via Faire, please, click on the button below:




 For wholesale offers, please, contact us at sales@joyful-couple.com