15 Sexy Christmas Gifts For Couples this Holiday Season

You probably will agree that this year was wild! But the good news is that the Holiday Season is just around the corner! And that means - Gifts! A lot of thoughtful, yes, sexy gifts for you and your significant other!

There are so many ideas for couples' holiday gifts, but if you want to get them something exceptional, you need to dig deep and find the right gift.

So what if you're stuck for gift ideas this year? If you're in the market for a fun, sexy, spicy gift that'll definitely be remembered as the gift that got their giggle on, we've got you covered.

Read on and find out the best and sexiest gifts for couples. Whether you're looking for a gift for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, there's something here to delight even the pickiest of romantics.

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Want a Sweet Gift for Your Significant Other?

This article focuses on sexy Christmas gifts for couples, but if you are looking for a sweet, romantic and cute Romantic gift, consider checking out our romantic gift guide here.

15 Sexy Christmas Gifts For Couples this Holiday Season


The Best And Sexiest Gifts For Couples

Every gift for couples should be an expression of love. And that's why we've rounded up the best gifts for couples. 

From premium to budget gifts, from sensual accessories to spicy sex toys, we have you covered!
a sexy woman in a Santa Claus costume holding a gift bag

Premium Sexy Gifts for Couples - Over $200

These are the luxurious, glamorous and also expensive gifts for you and your partner!

Silk Bedding

For those who want to spice up their sex life under the sheets and enjoy a better quality of sleep, it might be worth investing in high-quality silk bedding.

Womanizer Golden Moments Collection

For something as sensual and intimate as sex, it's easy to overlook that essential accessory—a clitoral stimulator. A powerful vibrator can transform an intimate encounter into something even more pleasurable for both partners. These are must-haves if you're a couple who loves to explore.

The Complete Couple's Bundle

The Joyful Couple's Complete bundle is a collection of eight relationship games, a sensual massage oil, and satin pleasure ties.  

This couple's bundle is the ultimate gift to set you up for a fun, sexy ride with your significant other, from deep conversations to sexy fun under the sheets to a sensual massage to even a glimpse into the exciting world of BDSM.

a sexy man in a santa claus costume holding a gift bag

Sexy Gifts for Couples - $100-200

Midrange price point for sexy gifts that are luxurious enough, but won't break the bank.

Liberator Décor Flip Ramp

Décor Flip Ramp is a versatile piece of furniture designed to help couples explore new realms of pleasure. 

Liberator Flip Ramp is designed to promote physical intimacy and fun. It supports both partners and can help couples overcome common barriers that keep them from achieving orgasm.

Lelo's Pleasure Console F1S

This toy is among the best male pleasure toys right now in the market. It is effective, can be used in many sizes, and is easy to clean. 

The F1S can be a great gift not only for your man but as a kinky foreplay tool for the two of you. Use it to play with him, tease him, and make him crazy for you. 

Amazing Couple's Bundle

The Amazing Bundle is a collection of 4 relationship games and two conversation games for couples. 

Set the mood and start slowly by playing the Romantic Game and Life Conversations and then continue with spicier activities in the Foreplay Game and Naughty Game.

And, when you feel comfortable enough, the Kinky Game can let your passion culminate in an exciting ride! It is a fantastic and thoughtful gift for the two of you!

A man giving a sexy gift to his girlfriend. The girlfriend is excited to open the gift

Sexy Gifts for Couples - $50-100

Thoughtful, sexy, fantastic, and affordable gifts for amazing holidays.

Love Is Art Kit

This naughty gift includes body paint and a blank canvas so couples can make a one-of-a-kind painting. Be prepared with a cover story when friends ask where your new wall art is from.

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

There's something special about being able to paint on your partner that makes you both feel like you're experiencing some sensual, intimate, or sexual thrill.

In the same way that body paint can make you feel like you're the king of the world, so can body paint make you feel like you're both in on some secret world of pleasure and desire.

Luxury Leather Handcuffs

If you are among those, who enjoy some light, fund bondage play, then maybe it is worth doing it in style! The leather handcuffs are made from quality materials with gold accents making you feel like royalty, even when you are the one that is handcuffed.

The Naughty Bundle

If only spicy games are what you are looking for, then look at the Joyful Couple's Naughty Bundle. This bundle of two sexy couple's games and one conversation game will set you up on a course of intimacy and sexiness.

Start off by playing the Naughty Conversations, which will open you to spicy topics and let you learn about your fantasies and desires. Then follow up with sexy action with the Naughty Game, and finish up with an exciting role-play experience playing the Naughty Scenarios.

a woman in a Santa Claus hat is holding a gift over her head

Sexy Gifts for Couples - Under $50

Last but not least, the most affordable category of sexy gifts you can surprise your significant other. But don't worry, even they are more affordable, does not mean, they are less worthy for spicy holidays!

Überlube Silicone Lubricant

This lube is so unique that it makes you feel like you're about to burst. It's a little thicker than other lubes, which some users like, but it's still light and silky. It's a perfect lubricant for those who need extra oomph in their playtime.

Luxury Massage Oil "Desire"

Whether you're in the mood to seduce or indulge, massage oil is the perfect gift that will last all day. The aroma of this massage oil evokes a desire for intimacy and lust that can't be denied! This sensual blend will take you on a journey of love and pleasure.

Njoy Pure Plug

With its unique style and elegant design, Pure Plugs is one of the fan-favorite anal sex toys. With the help of a bit of lube, it's an ideal introduction to anal sex for couples or people new to the practice.

Leather Riding Crop

For couples who enjoy the erotic aspects of a dominant and submissive role-playing relationship or just need to keep things interesting between the sheets, this leather riding crop is sure to keep both partners on their toes!

Sensual Pleasure Ties

These Sensual Pleasure Ties are the perfect gift for your partner or lover. They are sexy and playful yet sensual and stimulating. We are sure your partner will love being tied up in these sexy, silky, and erotic bondage ties.

Lollia Relax Bubble Bath

Your sex life is much better when you're treated like a king and queen. So relax, unwind, and enjoy a night with your significant other while bathing in this luxurious bubble bath.

It has been crafted from natural ingredients and features lavender, honey blossom, and white orchids notes. It smells wonderful and looks stunning in any bathroom.

Cherry Orgasm Balm

For couples seeking an intense and unique experience, the ultimate orgasm lip balm. This silky-smooth balm heightens sensitivity in stimulating areas like the clitoris and nipples to increase your sensual experience and taste like cherry.

The Naughty Game

The Naughty Game is a sexy game for couples to share naughty experiences. This game allows couples to experience new sexual heights and new spicy adventures in the bedroom and makes for an unforgettable night of fun.

a cute couple in winter holiday costumes are holding several gifts; the woman is leaning to give the man a kiss


In conclusion, Christmas is all about giving, so why not give your husband or wife something they can enjoy for the rest of the year?

And, if your relationship is new or you're trying to spice things up, there are so many great gifts out there for couples.

From sexy couples' games to luxurious massage oils and erotic sex toys, you'll find everything you need to treat your partner to the ultimate gift. From our selection of 15 Sexiest Christmas Gifts for Couples, the best gifts for couples are waiting to be discovered. 

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.

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