LELO F1S V3 Review: The Ultimate Toy for Men?

Reviewed Model: F1S ™ V3 XL RED

Released: 2024

Official Linkhere.

Reviewed by Edward.

Disclosure and foreword

1. LELO sent us a free unit (XL version) for review purposes, but the opinions expressed in this review are my own. LELO does not control the editorial process or final content of this review.

2. This review focuses on many aspects of the product - including, but not limited to, price, component quality, ease of use, aesthetics, and practicality. I try to be as objective as possible, but still, in the end, the review contains my opinions that you might disagree with. If you do, let us know in the comments below or send us a message at info@joyful-couple.com.

3. The article contains affiliate links - when you buy through links on our site, we may earn commission at no cost to you.

overview of the LELO F1S V3 XL RED model

What is LELO F1S V3

To put it simply, the LELO F1S3 V3 is the top-of-the-line masturbator for men from LELO. It is the third generation model in this product line, having some great features, like being fully waterproof, an intuitive companion app, and an appealing design. Compared to the previous model, it has a stronger motor, better - real feel - silicone, an AI mode, and an option to get it in XL size.

But how good is it, and does it justify its steep price point? Let's find out, how good this sex toy for men is!

LELO F1S V3: Verdict in a Nutshell

Before getting into details, the LELO F1S V3 is a great machine that looks good, feels good, and gets the job done! That being said, it is not perfect, and its price of 250+ USD (without shipping) makes it a challenging recommendation for the average buyer.

So, if you are thinking about getting one for yourself, especially if money is a strong factor for you - read the full review so you know what you'll get (and what you won't get) in this elegant pleasure machine.

F1S V3: Pros and Cons


✔️ Elegant Design

✔️ Strong motors with plenty of modes;

✔️ Fully waterproof;

✔️ Companion app.


❌ Expensive;

❌ AI mode;

❌ Lacks important accessories (for its price);

❌ Size options are limited.


    overview of the LELO F1S V3 XL RED model and its contents

    What's in the Box?

    I received the XL version of the F1S V3, and the box included:

    • The F1S V3 unit,
    • Custom charger cable,
    • Two single-use packets of lube,
    • Marketing tag,
    • Safety leaflet with the link to the instruction booklet.

    Ease of Use

    Rating: 4.5/5

    The F1S V3 is an all-in-one device (excluding the charger; read more about that in the "Packaging & Accessories section). That means you won't have to assemble or disassemble anything to use or clean it.

    On the unit, you'll find three buttons: + and - buttons regulating the intensity of motors and an on/off button, which also acts as a mode selector.

    It is waterproof (provided that the charger cover is on), making you worry-free about any liquids or gels messing with the electronics.

    Also, the F1S V3 comes with a Bluetooth feature, allowing you to pair it with a free companion app and control the device from your phone—which is actually very convenient (more about that in the next section).

    So, using it is simple and intuitive: step one - put it in; step two - turn it on; step three - change the modes and enjoy!

    Companion App and AI Feature

    In short, the companion app for the F1S V3 is excellent, but the AI feature is, well, not good at all.

    Companion App

    To use the app, you first must download the free LELO app from the App Store or Play Store. Then, hold the on/off button on the device to start the pairing process - pair it with your phone and finally find the F1S V3 device within the app. That's it - it takes about 1-3 minutes to set it up. Super easy.

    In the app, you can control the F1S manually or in AI mode. The manual controls are intuitive, and you can quickly change the modes and power of the motors. The device communicates with the app almost instantly, which is excellent!

    Also, your partner can use the phone and take the driver's seat, which is nice for couples play!

    One thing to mention is that once the app disconnected from the device and turned everything off. It was one time only, but still, it is worth mentioning because if something can happen once, it probably will happen again.

    Overall, I really enjoyed using the F1S V3 with the companion app - with a strong note - in the manual mode exclusively.

    AI Feature

    As mentioned, the F1S V3 companion app comes with the included AI mode, but in my experience, this mode is almost useless as it simply changes modes at random without any indication of adapting to your level of pleasure.

    Of course, that could be me, so don't take my word for it and try this mode for yourself. But in my experience, It is possible that I just did not "train the AI" long enough, but I did try to like this feature, however it always ended with a whimper (pun intended). 

    LELO f1s v3 model from up and side, quality features

    Design & Build Quality

    Rating: 5/5

    The F1S V3 is built from a good-quality plastic shell and silicone insert. The silicone insert is shaped with curves and ridges, providing additional sensations if you use it in a stroking manner. Unfortunately, using it this way also comes with extremely loud slurping sounds, but still, it is an option if you don't mind (or maybe get turned on by) these sounds.

    The shell is cylinder-shaped with a plastic window on one side while a colored LED lights up the inside, allowing you to glimpse inside the device or marvel at the vibrations that is the source of your pleasure. And, if you don't like it, you can always turn it around, so I think it is a neat design feature.

    The one nitpick about the design for me was the white LED light. The F1S V3 has a white LED ring (on the top of it) that lights up when you turn on the device. I have mixed feelings about this feature because if you use the device in a dark room (which is a probable cause), the LED is very bright. It wouldn't be a problem if you had the option to turn off this light, but I did not find one. Yes, it is a minor thing, but the devil's in the details in a premium product.

    Cleaning & Storage

    Rating: 2.5/5

    Cleaning the F1S V3 is a mixed bag. It is waterproof, so you can easily wash the F1S with soap-water or specialized toy cleaners, but the problem lies in the fact that to clean it effectively, you need to reach the tip of the inside of it. Given its form and length, I would have liked them to include some sort of cleaning kit with a specialized brush allowing to easily (and safely) clean the inside of the silicone, especially the far end of it.

    Storage is also an area that needs improving. Yes, you technically can store it in the box that it came in, but as the F1S has an opening to the most vulnerable part of the device, letting in dust and potentially something more, LELO should have provided a specialized box or another solution to store it safely without causing potential health risks.

    Sure, the customer is ultimately responsible for cleaning and storing their toys safely, but at a 250 USD price tag, it is difficult to justify the lack of these things.

    overview of the LELO F1S V3 XL RED model packaging and accessories

    Packaging & Accessories

    Rating: 2/5

    Accessories might be the weakest aspect of the F1S V3. Yes, two lube packets are included in the package, but they hardly fall into the "accessories" category. So, it comes only with the charger. And to make things worse, the charger is a custom one, so good luck if you lose it!

    The box is standard quality box with a plastic window showcasing the device. For my unit, the window was slightly damaged.

    Of course, for most people, the box won't make any difference, but again, the F1S V3 costs a whopping 250 USD. It is a luxury toy, and luxury products should be packed in a sleek box and include adequate accessories—unfortunately, the F1S V3 lacks in this department.

    As a side note, the F1S V3 arrived in a discreet shipping box wrapped with black tape, which I believe is the standard procedure for LELO deliveries. So, if you order online, you should expect a discreet package - which, for obvious reasons, is a good thing.

    Solo Play vs Couple's Play

    When it comes to using the F1S by yourself or with your partner - you don't have to choose. You can use it as a fun foreplay toy or use it as "extra hands," allowing you and your partner to use your hands elsewhere.

    So, although it is best used for solo play, the F1S V3 is also a fun toy for couples, and can be an amazing addition to your favorite sexy couple's games!

    Size Options

    Rating: 3/5

    The F1S V3 is available in two sizes: regular and XL (which is just slightly bigger than the regular one).

    I received the XL version, and I have to say, it barely fits me.

    I don't consider myself small, but I also don't consider myself extra large, so although the XL version is an OK size for me, be sure to check if its size will fit you. Especially if you think your penis size is above average.

    lelo f1s v3 box from the front and side, white background

    Alternatives to F1S V3

    Hand Job

    The most accessible alternative is your hands. Compared to the good old hand job, the F1S V3 provides different sensations - not saying better or worse, but different. You simply have to press a few buttons and let it do its job! But is the convenience is worth the 250 USD? That is up to you to decide!

    Blow Job

    If the person knows what she (or he) is doing, then a good blow job blows the F1S V3 away. If you are looking for a blow job substitute, you might be disappointed. But then again, for most people, a blow job is not accessible at any time, while the F1S V3 is only limited to being charged!


    Fleshlights lose to F1S V3 in almost all departments because what can do a fleshlight, the F1S V3 can do better! But again, the F1S V3 is much more expensive than the average fleshlight.

    F1S V2

    Although I have not tried the previous versions of the F1S, officially the V3 includes stronger motors, improved silicone and the AI mode. Given that I personally disliked the AI mode, and the V2 costs 50 USD cheaper, the V2 can be a good alternative.

    Fun Factory Manta

    The Fun Factory Manta is an open-ended (wand-like) male masturbator that costs around 100 USD. Although it is limited compared to the F1S, it can still be a cheaper alternative.

    AutoBlow VacuGlide

    Another toy I have no personal experience with but it is the only male toy (that I know of) with a stroking feature. However, given its price of almost 800 USD, it is in a completely different price bracket, making it hardly an alternative to the F1S V3.

    stylish photo of the LELO F1S V3 XL RED model red and black accents

    Summary and Conclusions

    Final Verdict: 4/5

    Yes, the F1S V3 is a great male masturbator, but it is expensive, and it is not perfect - it does not have a stroking or massaging effect, the size might be a problem for some, it is tricky to clean, and it should include better accessories for the price.

    Then again, it gets its job done! And although it is expensive, it might be the only choice within its price range. Yes, you can go cheaper, but you'll lose many features. Or you can pay several hundred more to get the stroking effect.

    So, bottom line - if you want an easy-to-use, elegant-looking, waterproof masturbator for yourself or for a couple's play, and you don't mind paying a premium - it is a great choice. It is a recommendation from Joyful Couple!

    >> Buy the F1S V3 here.


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