Best Sex Toys for Women - The Ultimate Vibrating-Toy Guide


Vibrators, bunnies, ticklers, wands, anal toys and so much more! It is clear that the sex toy market is booming. And vibrators might be the most diverse category of them all.
There are so many choices that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Even up to the point, where you could find yourself lost or overwhelmed in all of the choices, so you just don’t try out anything.
But you are in luck, because in this article you will find our top picks for the naughty, vibrating toys for women!
If you are a man reading this, use this guide to introduce a new toy to your partner, or read the men's guide here! Having sex toys into your relationship can open new sexual frontiers for the both of you!
So, read on and find out the best new toy to play with in your sexual adventures! 
P.s. for more fun, most of these toys can be used with our sexy couples’ games for sexy fun for the two of you!
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**Tips are sorted in no particular order and can be done separately.  


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Best Sex Toys for Women - The Ultimate Vibrating Toy Guide


The Best Oral Sex Simulator: Womanizer from LELO



The Womanizer Premium Clitoral Sucking Toy is one of the most popular clit massagers on the market, for good reason.  It mimics oral sex, which say to least, feels amazing!

Featuring 12 intensity levels and clitoral suction, it provides a pleasurable experience you've never had before. The clitoral suction is so strong, it actually creates suction on the inside of the vagina, making penetration even more pleasurable.
It's perfect for beginners or those who are looking for something a bit more intense than regular vibrators.


The Best Vibrator: Magic Wand Rechargeable


There’s no denying that the magic wand vibrator is among the most popular tools for getting off. It is simple, easy to use and effective.

The fact that it’s also a reliable and effective tool for massage therapy is something many people may not know.
But if you’re a woman looking for a vibrator that will really get you going, the Magic Wand vibrator is worth a try.
Unlike the original Magic Wand, this one unplugs from the wall, giving you pleasure on-the-go.


magic wand for women

The Best Rabbit Vibrator: LADY BI from Fun Factory


A vibrator designed specifically for the woman who loves to "spread her wings," Lady BI will help you get off in more ways than one.

Two strong motors thrum at the heart of this toy, delivering the intensity of a true vibrator but in a smaller, sleeker package.
With its firm yet flexible silicone, it's a pleasure to use and control, even with lube-covered hands! Just squeeze the handle to turn the toy on and push the button to set the speed. And enjoy the ride.

The Best Dual-Stimulation Vibrator: Womanizer Duo from LELO


When it comes to clitoral stimulation, nothing beats the dual stimulation offered by this G-spot rabbit vibrator

Pleasure your clitoris, and the g-spot. Both are stimulated simultaneously thanks to dual shafts and a super-sensitive g-spot stimulator.
With 10 vibration patterns and 12 intensity levels to choose from, there's plenty of opportunities to find the right level of pleasure for you. You can even use this toy in solo play and with your partner.


The Best G-Spot Vibrator: COCO from SVAKOM


SVAKOM’s Coco has a strong shaft, but a soft tip, so you can use it internally or externally for maximum pleasure. 

Its design also allows it to be used as an anal toy, so it is a great toy to try out, if you don’t know what you enjoy the most.
The firm, yet flexible shaft allows for lots of movement, while the small tip is soft and squishy. The versatility is Coco’s secret weapon – you can use it for internal, external, clitoral or anal stimulation.

best vibrators for women

The Best Bullet Vibrator: Ultra Bullet from Femme Funn 


The Ultra Bullet massager will help you relax while also adding a shot of pleasure to your day. 

Made of soft silicone, this little bullet is a discreet way to indulge and feel a blast of pleasure.
It features 20 power settings that will blast you to new heights of ecstasy, and the perfect grip shape for any position.


The Best Wearable Vibrator: Moxie from We-Vibe


Moxie is a clitoral vibrator that turns everyday items into vibrating panties, providing you with a little extra oomph in the bedroom, and outside it. 

Use it in solo play – press play on the remote to start the fun, or let your partner control it via the app for unexpected vibrations throughout the day!


wearable vibrator for woman

The Best Realistic Vibrator: Thrusting Vibrator from PALOOUETH 


This is among the best realistic vibrators on Amazon, it has strong vibrations and thrusts. It feels fantastic and the vibration and thrusting functions are over the top, read 900+ raving women who say the same thing!
This bad boy has a neat remote so all you need to do is turn the power on and sit back and relax while you quickly have an amazing climax.
The suitable girth makes this a perfect vibrator for beginners and advanced users. You’ll be hooked when it starts moving around inside you.

The Best Licking Vibrator: Rose Vibrator from PHANXY 


Are you ready to indulge in some naughty pleasures? With the amazing vibrating tongue vibrators, you can satisfy yourself anytime, anywhere, and have endless orgasms!

Rose vibrator from PHANXY is perfect for anyone who wants a realistic oral sex experience, which can help women quickly reach incredible orgasms. 

The tongue vibrator has 9 licking modes and vibration, from gentle to wild movements, maximizes your sense of pleasure, which will provide orgasms you never imagined.


The Best Necklace Vibrator: Vesper from Crave


If you love pleasure as much as aesthetics, this might be for you. Vesper's Beauty is a stunning slender external vibrator, designed to please. 

Its smooth polished metal body, long tip, and chain make this a stylish yet powerful addition to your pleasure arsenal.

With three finishes to choose from: silver, rose gold and 24k gold plated, you can create a gorgeous piece of jewelry, and a powerful toy.

The Best Finger Vibrator: Be One from Fun Factory


No bigger than your pinkie finger and by far the smallest finger vibrator on this list, “the Fun Factory Be One is designed to nestle between any two of your fingers and function almost like a smaller, sixth finger,” says Andy Duran, the education director for Good Vibrations

Translation: This rechargeable finger vibrator never gets in the way of pleasure—only adds to it. For people with vulvas, at only three inches long, the Be One can also rest comfortably between your labia lips, delivering hands-free clitoris stimulation.

vibrating toys for women

The Best Penis-Shaped Vibrator: Tiger Vibe G5 from Fun Factory


Get your kitty purring with the thrilling, throbbing sensations of Fun Factory's G5 Tiger, a pleasure machine that's curved and ribbed with raised, 'stripes' for wild G-spot stimulation. 

Cycle through its 12 functions, and find what makes you roar. Medical grade, velvety silicone coats its full length, for a soft, super-pliable, and body-safe finish that molds to your internal contours and movements.

The Best Discreet Vibrator: Vibe from Maude



Everything about this vibrator is discreet, including the noises it makes (and by that, we mean it's near-silent).

Intimacy brand Maude is known for its down-to-earth packaging that's designed to make sex and pleasure feel accessible, and never intimidating. The Vibe is a simple, no-frills vibrator that comes with three vibration speeds and a high-quality silicone exterior.

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In Conclusion


What women look for in sex toys has changed. Gone are the days when all you needed was a vibrator and a bed.
So, what do women want?
Now, women want their toys to enhance their pleasure and experience, not replace it. More than anything, they want toys that stimulate their senses and bring them pleasure – in solo play and with their partner.
We’ve compiled our best picks for women’s sex toys, from small bullet vibrators to big lifelike penis vibrators and everything in between.
If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, these toys are guaranteed to give you the best orgasm of your life.
You just have to find the best ones for you! The best part - there is something for everyone!

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.


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