20+ Best Winter Date Ideas for Couples this Holiday Season

Ah, Winter Holidays! It's the most beautiful time of the year! 
It is the time to relax, have fun and enjoy each other's company. So why not take advantage of this holiday season by finding some fun date ideas?
The holidays are approaching fast, and while most of us are looking forward to a much-needed break, it is vital to leave some time to reconnect with our partner.
And what better way to rekindle the spark than by going out on a sweet, exciting winter holiday date? Whether it's a surprise trip to a romantic weekend getaway or something as simple as a dinner date at home, make sure to include a little romance in your relationship this season.
Without further ado, here are the best winter date ideas for couples that make your winter Holidays unique, romantic, memorable, and fun.


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20+ Best Winter Date Ideas for Couples this Holiday Season


The Top 10 Most Romantic Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

From winter sports to getting hot cocoa in the fresh air, there are many winter date ideas that are fun, exciting, and romantic! 
So, here are 10+ top winter date ideas that you can do outside the comforts of your home.

Try a New Restaurant

When your winter date ideas and holiday date night plans include dinner, you might want to break away from the tried-and-true restaurant chains. 
By trying a new place, you can show your significant other that you're willing to take some risks and explore new experiences together.
There's nothing like an elegant meal where you can enjoy the beauty of the season and share a nice bottle of wine together.
a couple walking through a deep snow and having fun in winter

Have a Couples Photoshoot In The Snow

Christmas is just around the corner, and what is Christmas without a bit of snow and pictures? Right?
Suppose you're looking for something romantic, cozy, and unique to celebrate this holiday season. In that case, you need to think about the most romantic winter outdoor date ideas – and if you're lucky enough to have snow, you can go for a couples photoshoot in the snow. 
To go even further than that, you can hire someone who specializes in outdoor shoots and have the most magical photos for next year's Christmas postcards. 

Make a Roleplay Scenario To Meet At a Bar

roleplaying date is the perfect little adventure out of the house. And particularly the stranger-in-the-bar scenario is one of the most popular ones.
It's great because getting your partner to play along and have fun together is easy. To make the experience even more romantic, create a roleplay scenario where you play your favorite character. Your partner can then play the part of the hero or heroine. 
You can pretend to be a movie star, a famous model, or a rock star. Or, you can be a business tycoon, and they can be your secretary. This is a fun and easy way to make your partner feel special.
And after your "meetup" in the bar, you can take it further to your room and play out a naughty scenario of your making!

Go Sledding

Snow has a way of making people feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially when they are in love. You can make it even more romantic by taking your loved one out for a fun wintertime activity - Go sledding.
It doesn't matter whether it's snowing or freezing cold. A sleigh ride with your significant other is always fun. 
And after sledding, you can enjoy other winter sports or romantic wintertime activities, for example, go for a walk in the snowy countryside or have a sip of hot chocolate while having deep, heartfelt conversations with each other.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Depending on your interests, you can opt for a classic winter activity like ice skating, sledding, or skiing, or try something totally new like indoor rock climbing. 
Adrenaline can make help make couples feel bonded, and increase trust between partners. So, jump-start your relationship by sharing a unique physical challenge.
a couple hugging in the middle of winter Holiday market

Go Holiday Shopping

Go holiday shopping together for a winter date that will keep the romance alive. This is among the fun winter date ideas that are not only romantic but also practical. It is a great way to spend quality time together and discover something new. 

It's easy to go off track and lose focus, but spending the day together means you'll always stay connected.

Plus, there will be time for you two to explore whatever stores you've both been dying to visit and give hints to each other about gifts you would like to receive under the Christmas tree.


Visit Local Botanical Gardens

While there's a certain romance to visiting an area full of flowers in bloom, taking a winter stroll through a botanical garden during wintertime has a little extra magic. 

The beauty and serenity of these gardens in the winter months will help you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Not only will you enjoy some time in nature, but you can also learn some interesting facts about plants and flowers while you're there. 
A couple having a snowball fight in winter as a date night

Have a Snowball Fight Competition

If you're trying to keep the magic alive through the cold weather and snow days, this is the perfect date for a couple looking to reconnect and have fun. 
The winner of the snowball fight gets a little sexy surprise later in the evening. Just keep it light and playful. 

Head To a Local Winery

Wineries are lovely places to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate a special occasion in a festive setting.
First, you will visit the tasting room, which is a place where you can sample a wide variety of wines from a wide selection of grapes.
Secondly, you will experience a guided tour through the facility, which takes you behind the scenes and gives you an up close and personal view of the process that goes into making wine.
There are many wineries located throughout the United States. A quick Google search can help you find wineries near you.

Go Christmas Caroling In Your Neighborhood

There's just something about Christmas. The warmth of the season, the smells, the snow, and the ice. If singing is up your alley, an excellent way to cheerfully spend the holiday season is to go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering together at a local shelter is a fantastic opportunity for you to give back to your community together. Shelters are a critical need in our society, and volunteering is a great place to start. 

By volunteering together, you can build strong relationships and experience the rewarding feeling of giving back. 

a woman and man comfortably laying on a mattress and having fun

At-Home Winter Date Ideas for An Unforgettable Night In

What to do when going outside seems like a chore, and you just want to stay in, but still have fun with your special someone? Great news - there are a lot of exciting, fun, and sexy winter date ideas you can do!
So, if a stay-at-home date night sounds good to you - read on and find out our top picks for fun winter activities you can do at home.


Make Sushi Together

Sushi night at home? Sure, why not. It's super easy to make and incredibly tasty. All you need is some fresh ingredients and a little patience. 

If you don't fancy Sushi, think of another food you both enjoy. Or, use this time as an opportunity to prepare something entirely new! 

Private Masseuse

Use the time to relax and get comfortable and intimate with your partner. Turn up some music and dim the lights, leaving only the candles burning on the table.

Get comfortable and take turns massaging each other. As you massage each other, think about the night you had together and what you loved about it. 

Of course, don't forget to put on some sexy lingerie and use the most luxurious massage oil that will make you feel good.


Board Game Night

Game nights with your partner or with your friends are always a great date night idea, especially during the winter weather.

Find an old, but good classic board game, or order a new one and let the fun begin!

Or, as an alternative, you can have a sexy game night - just the two of you. Try out a spicy couple's game, and let yourselves delve into your fantasies and desires!


a couple joyfully watching a movie on a phone

Themed Movie Night

Yes, a move night is nothing original or new, but that does not mean, it is less fun!

Beat the cold weather by cozying up to each other, eating your favorite snacks, and watching an exciting or romantic winter wonderland film!

Alternatively to a movie date night, you can have a video-game night. If you both enjoy some digital fun, there is nothing like bonding over by playing your favorite video games!

Have a Food Tasting Party

Try some new foods you've never tried before. Then, order a bunch of new dishes and try them all.

Take note of all the foods and flavors enjoyed and decide which is your favorite. Of course, you're probably going to eat more than you are used to, but hey, it is the Holiday season - treat yourself a bit.

Take a Bath Together

There's something about bath time that's very intimate. A bathtub during the chilly winter months is an excellent place for people to connect and express themselves. 

It can be a great time to talk, an excellent time to be alone, and a good time to connect. So put down the phone and go back to the basics. 
Enjoy a glass of wine, get romantic, and spend quality time together in the warmth of a bubble bath.
a man and woman is having a date night and drinking wine, while wearing warm white clothes

SPA Evening At Home

If you want to take your bath date night to the next level, you should turn it into a full-blown SPA day! 

Surprising your significant other with a spa night is a great way to spice up your bedroom life. But if you don't want to splurge on a full-service spa, you can still offer many of the same benefits of a SPA with just a little DIY.

You can make your SPA day, but some great examples include dressing in robes, taking a bath together, putting on some relaxing music, and conversing over a hot, healthy herbal tea.  

Explore Each Other's Desires with The Foreplay Game

Whether trying to impress your partner on a date night or your 10th anniversary, some fun under the sheets is always fun! However, there are tried-and-true methods to ensure that this date night is unforgettable. 

With a little effort, ingenuity, and a playful Foreplay Game, you can help ensure that your evening ends on a high note.


Write a Story Together

Think of an interesting or fun and turn it into a short story. Tell a story from start to finish, with characters, setting, and plot. 

Only some of the details need to be figured out ahead of time. In fact, the key is to be able to have a little fun with the process.

a man and woman drinking a cocktail and having eye-contact

Mix Some Cocktails

If you've found yourself in a situation where you've been asked, "What would you like to drink?" and you're wondering what to say, then, well, this is the moment for a cocktail!

If you and your partner have been dating for a while, and you've never mixed drinks, then you should try this at-home date. 

What could be better than conversing over a glass of Margarita or Negroni Sbagliato? Not only will it give you some practice and a fun date night in the house, but it'll also help you to connect with your partner a little better. 

You can have some fun with this one by choosing some alcohol to enjoy (you can even get fancy and take an online class before.

Dinner In The Dark

This can be a fun date idea you can try at home, especially for those who enjoy trying new things. First, prepare a dinner for two and set the table. Make sure to include easy dishes for you to pick up and eat. 

Then, sit down to eat together without turning on any lights. You can light a candle if you'd like, or you can blindfold your partner and let their senses take over.

Have a Deep or Sexy Talk with the Conversation Games

There is no better way to connect than to learn more about each other. And you can do it by simply talking with one another.

The Life Conversations or Naughty Conversations will open you up to many valuable or spicy topics you can discuss.

Playing these conversation games for couples is an excellent and fun way to connect and learn more about your values, preferences, and, yes, sexual fantasies as well!

a couple is having joyous fun date night in the wintertime, and drinking hot beverage on a side stool


A couple's winter holiday date nights should be exciting and fun. It should be relaxing and romantic. 
The key to creating fantastic date nights is to plan them around your partner's interests and schedule. Plan your dates on days that you both have off. 
Take a weekend trip. Consider a local restaurant and then a local activity. Find out what activities your partner loves and enjoy them together.  The main goal is to get some quality time together. 
We hope you enjoyed our picks for Best Date Ideas for Couples this Holiday Season!


As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.

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