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Life Conversations. 100 questions for couples about life, values, beliefs
Life Conversations
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Life Conversations

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100 Questions for Couples about Values, Beliefs, and Life.

"Life Conversations" is a collection of questions about values, difficult situations, money, and other deeper themes with the intent to better understand each other.

Most couples don't have enough conversations about the things that matter in a relationship.

This leads to misunderstandings and hurt feelings, which can lead to arguments or even breakups.

Form a Bond on a Deeper Level

A good conversation is like a good workout for your relationship. It helps you learn more about each other, understand each other better, and make sure you're on the same page moving forward. We've designed these questions based on our own experiences as well as research into what makes relationships last long-term and work. They'll help you get past small disagreements and focus on building deeper connections with your partner.

The conversations are designed so that anyone can participate regardless of age or gender because we believe every couple should have an opportunity at having a great love story together!

In this article learn more, about how Life Conversations can build stronger relationships.

The cards are made of high-quality matte-laminated paper that is packaged in a stylish box with silver foil elements ready to be presented as a gift.

It is perfect for: married and long-lasting couples, as well as those, who are just in the dating stage.

You will receive:

  1. Stylish packaging ready to be presented as a gift
  2. Instruction book
  3. 100 High-quality playing cards, sorted in 7 categories:
    • 10x “Money” Cards – questions about money, budgeting, and other financial matters.
    • 10x "Health" Cards - questions about wellness and personal care.
    • 10x “Work” Cards – questions about work and career.
    • 10x “Leisure” Cards – questions about likes, hobbies, and other recreational questions.
    • 20x “Philosophy” Cards – questions about values, politics, life & death, and other philosophical questions.
    • 20x “Relationship” Cards – questions related to various topics that usually interest one or both partners in a relationship.
    • 20x “Difficult Question” Cards – questions related to various topics that can be uneasy to ask (and answer), but can be valuable insight about your significant other and yourself.

Age: 16+
Language: See above in the language menu.

Still don't know, if Life Conversations is for you?

Read the Life Conversation Overview.

Read the Relationship Game Guide.

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Joyful Couple: Quality products for couples

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