The Naughty Conversations: spice up your relationship and improve intimacy

Communication between a couple is the foundation for a healthy relationship, and talking about sex and opening up to your partner about your fantasies, or even fetishes can add excitement and fun to any relationship, but not always it is a simple thing to do. 

Sex might be important to you, but you might be afraid of rejection, judgement or even resentment from the person we love or at the very least want to be together. And this is the very reason why couples often steer away from these kinds of conversations, even though they wish to express their desires.

By reading these first sentences – just ask yourself, do you think you and your significant other are having open conversations about your sexual preferences and fantasies, or is something holding you back from fully exploring your sexuality?

Having the right tools, you can make sure that your intimate conversations stay light-hearted and enjoyable. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that these conversations should always be about mutual communication and meaningful time together. As it turns out, we have made such a tool, and it is called The Naughty Conversations.

So, if you wish to improve your intimate communication, and your sex life, please, read on, what are the Naughty Conversations and how they can help learn more about your sexuality and form a stronger bond with your significant other.

The Naughty Conversations: spice up your relationship and improve intimacy

What are the Naughty Conversations?

To help couples build up their sexuality and physical affection, we created a set of sexy bedroom games, and one game in particular focuses on meaningful and open questions about sex – the Naughty Conversations

This conversation game consists of 100 thematic questions divided into three categories: Soft-, Naughty-, and Intimate Questions. This helps couples to discuss all sorts of topics about sex in an easy way. Sometimes even providing you with ideas and fantasies you didn't know, you wanted!

Why have such conversations at all?

Open communication with your partner about the naughty topics in life will strengthen your relationship and make your bond even stronger. This is because by being intimate with each other, we open ourselves, and this builds trust and creates close bonds between two people. 

It is a magical feeling knowing that we can express our feelings and desires honestly without fear or worry and there's nothing more romantic, and of course sexy as well!

Intimacy is a vital part of any relationship. It's important to take the time and be intimate with your partner to strengthen your connection and improve the quality of your relationship. There are many ways you can become more intimate, but it may depend on what works best for both partners.

That’s why experimenting until you find out what does work for both people is the key!

Intimate conversations

What to expect?

While playing the game you will read many questions about sex, so before you will start playing it, be sure to have an open and judgement-free mind, but the best part about the game is that you can choose which question works for your specific situation or relationship.

If both of you are unsure about your sex life, it might be good to read out a couple of soft questions first before moving on to more intimate ones later.

By finding the right balance between talking about sexy or uncomfortable things together you will enjoy healthy intimate time together as well as improve your connection within each other very quickly! 

Some of the questions included in the game are

Is there anything you are not telling your partner regarding sex? Some things you don’t like perhaps, but are too shy/afraid to tell? 

Are there any sexual taboos for you? Please explain. 

Do you have enough sex with your partner? Are You satisfied overall?

Start slowly

At first you may think that these questions are too personal, but don't worry - they are all optional! You can choose which questions to answer and which ones to leave for later.

The best way to start is by simply being open and honest with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. If you're feeling shy, as mentioned before you can always start with a few soft questions that will help get the conversation flowing, and after each question ask yourselves, how comfortable you feel. If you feel good and wish to continue, move on to the next question. 

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What NOT to do

Naughty Conversations can be a great way to spice up your love life. But it's important not to let things get too serious or use naughty topics as an excuse to hurt each other with negative comments. Keep the conversation light-hearted and fun by focusing on laughter and positive energy. Be open about what you are feeling, but always talk in a kind manner that builds connection instead of creating distance between you two. Take advantage of every opportunity for intimacy by finding ways that work best for both of you so that you can enjoy being together without having any regrets afterward! 

More importantly, never use them to hurt or insult your partner. What we mean by that, is try to avoid bullying your partner. Of course, this sounds obvious, but sometimes we can bully our partner without knowing it.

For example, don’t use phrases as “Everybody is doing it”, “You are just afraid” etc., as this kind of language disrespects what your partner might be feeling. 

And simply do not pressure your partner. Be experimental and open to ideas, but don’t cross the point where you start to pressure your partner (and vice versa – if you feel that your partner is being too pushy, firmly but respectfully say this is not for you, at least for now).

Want to have the best (i.e., naughtiest) conversations?

Intimacy is about connection, honesty, and communication. Some ways you can make your intimacy better are: touch each other's body parts like on arm or leg; look into their eyes while sitting close together (or even lie down) so that you both feel safe enough to share what feels good in an intimate conversation.

As well as open up emotionally by being vulnerable with one another without fear of judgement because it takes time after all this hard work has been put forth before any real change will actually take place-so don't give up halfway through!

The best part is that you can create intimate atmosphere at home by preparing a special date night for your partner. Prepare the house with candles and music, dress up in something sexy or put on your favorite pajamas – whatever works for you.

Intimacy is about being together as much as it is about sex and physical intimacy. So, find ways that work best for both of you so that you can enjoy spending time together. 

A few tricks to set the right mood

  • Before playing, be sure that you both are ready for such intimacy right now. If now, just play them another evening.
  • To loosen you up have a few drinks while playing (just don’t drink too much).
  •  Set a romantic atmosphere, by putting on some romantic music and dimming the lights or lighting candles.
  • To spice thigs up even more, wear something sexy, as this will make you think more about the things you want to do to your partner.

Talk about sex

In conclusion

Expressing your desires can be a great way to spice up your relationship and add excitement. The best part about them is that it does not require you to do anything out of the ordinary – just talk!

Remember also, never use these types of conversations as an opportunity to hurt each other with insults or put downs. Instead, try finding something new in common from one another and build on it until you have a meaningful discussion going. After all, communication should be at the heart of any strong relationship.

After all we discussed in this article you can easily spice up your love life with the Naughty Conversations for couples. If you want to know more about your partner or just enjoy spending time together, go ahead and spice things up with this game!

Leave a comment below how often do you talk about sex with your partner? Is this something you see could be improved in your relationship? 

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