The Life Conversations: A Question Game for Couples


Everyone is different with their own unique experiences, preferences, wants, and view of life in general. And so is every couple. 
So, if everyone is different, the question is - how can we build strong, long-lasting relationships?  
The answer might be much simpler than you thought – it all lies in communication.  
Good communication between partners is the basis of any great relationship. Only by asking meaningful questions and truly listening, do we understand each other and in turn build a strong foundation. 
But as you might know not always is it that simple. Often, we don’t know what to ask, or other times we are embarrassed to ask the questions we want to know.   
And that is the reason behind creating the Life Conversations - a question card game for couples looking to better know each other, build intimacy and connect on a deeper level.   
So, if connecting and learning more about your relationship is something you are looking for, then read further, about how the Life Conversations can help you achieve it.


The Life Conversations: Question Game for Couples and How it can Improve Your Relationship


So, what are the “Life Conversations”?


Life Conversations, as the name suggests, is a set of questions about values, opinions, beliefs, and life in general, and it is created for the purpose of couples better knowing each other.   
In the game, you will find 100 cards with questions, and the questions are sorted into 7 intimacy-building categories (find them below in this article).
The cards include questions about kids, money, marriage, future plans, life & death, philosophy, and many more to connect and better understand many important aspects of your relationship.   

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Categories of the Life Conversations

Life Conversations contain 100 questions sorted into 7 Categories: 


  • 10 “Money” questions
  • 10 “Health” questions
  • 10 “Work” questions 
  • 10 “Leisure” questions
  • 20 “Philosophy” questions
  • 20 “Relationship” questions
  • 20 “Difficult Questions


You can see some more examples of the cards in the Life Conversations product listing). 

Why have such conversations at all?


Open, honest, and heartfelt conversations are the basis for any strong relationship.
Let us put it this way – if you don’t know your partner, how can you trust them? If you don’t know what they like, how can you surprise them? If you don’t know their needs, how can you understand their actions? And we can go on and on.
So, no matter, if you just got together, or you have been married for years, getting to know your partner (and for that matter – yourself as well) is a crucial part of any relationship.

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How do you play the Life Conversations?


Life Conversations were created with not only the intent to build stronger relationships but also to do it in a fun and simple way.
So, playing them is as straightforward as it gets.
  1. Take out the cards, and sort them into their categories.
  2. Each picks up a question from the same category. 
  3. Answer your question (or take turns and answer both questions). 
  4. And when your partner answers their question – listen. 
  5. Keep playing and connect!

Want to have the best experience?


We have established that good communication is the basis for strong relationships, but what differentiates good communication from great, and what can you do about it?
True connection is about listening, intimacy, being open to yourself and your partner, and having fun.
And even more important - if you wish to know your partner and make your relationship as strong as ever, you have to be prepared to learn some truths you may be uncomfortable hearing or some opinions you don’t agree with.
But relationships are all about growth, and that means growing with them by becoming better persons ourselves, so keep an open mind, listen with interest, ask additional questions, and connect with your significant other.


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A few steps for a better experience

To make your experience even better and more intimate, there are some tips you can follow.


  1. To truly connect, you both need to be ready to open up, listen and just be present. So, first, be sure that you both are in the mood for such conversations. That means both of you. 
  2. Be sure to have at least an hour for just the two of you. It is difficult to have meaningful conversations when you have a lot of distractions going on. 
  3. Setting matter, so set up the mood by turning on some background music and bringing some snacks and drinks. 


Why play the Life Conversations and who is it for (and for who - not so much)?


Life Conversations builds the foundation upon the most important aspect of any relationship – communication, so we consider it our most universal relationship game, so we would say it is meant for all kinds of couples.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or simply dating, the Life Conversations can help you better understand each other, build emotional intimacy, and overall make your relationship stronger.
It may not be suited for couples, who consider they know everything and there is nothing new they can learn, but the truth is that it is rarely the case.
Or, if talking about deeper relationship topics does not excite you, it is worth checking out our Naughty Conversations – similarly to Life Conversations, it is a question game for couples, but in this case, it is meant to explore your sexuality, desires, and fantasies.



Question card game about life and relationships for couples

Thank you for reading this article! If you found the Life Conversations enticing and exciting, please, be sure to go ahead and try it out yourselves. You can see more details and purchase it here

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.

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