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Naughty Conversations. Questions for couples about fantasies, desire and sex
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Naughty Conversations
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Naughty Conversations

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Naughty Couples Game about Desires, Fantasies and Sex

"Naughty Conversations" is a collection of questions about sexual preferences, desires, fantasies, and other intimate themes with the intent to better understand each other.

This naughty couples game, like our other conversation games for couples, opens the path of communication with your partner. Start with easy topics, such as fantasies, childhood crushes, and turn-ons. Work your way up to topics that most of us wish to know but struggle to bring up, like sex toys, fetishes, or even threesomes! Having these conversations can improve your love life and avoid future misunderstandings. After all, communication is key to a happy relationship!

Get to know your partner with these intimate questions for couples and maybe even learn more about yourself. The questions are set up to be perfect for any kind of couple - married or not, long-term relationships or new ones, vanilla or kinky. Once you’ve gone through all the questions, have more fun with our “Naughty Game,” which turns up the heat.

You will receive:

The cards of this naughty couples game are made of high-quality matte-laminated paper that is packaged in a stylish box with gold foil elements ready to be presented as a gift.


  1. Stylish packaging 
  2. Instruction book
  3. 100 high-quality playing cards, sorted in 3 levels:
  • 40 Soft Questions - easy and light questions about general preferences.
  • 40 Spicy Questions - a little bit more personal and revealing questions that may surprise you but will definitely allow you to learn more about each other.
  • 20 Intimate Questions - as the name suggests, these are personal and intimate questions for couples. Answer those questions you feel comfortable answering or knowing.

Age: 16+

It’s Playtime

Enjoy the full range of naughty couples games and relationship accessories that Joyful Couple has to offer. With worldwide shipping and satisfaction guaranteed, there is no limit to how deep you can get. Rediscover your lover in new ways that excite and stimulate you both!

Still don't know, if Naughty Conversations is for you?

Read the Naughty Conversation Overview.

Read the Relationship Game Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Truly surprising

Oh, let me tell you, the Naughty Conversations game is an absolute BLAST!! My husband and I had the time of our lives playing it. It's the perfect way to add some excitement and intimacy to your relationship. We explored desires, fantasies, and things we never thought we'd talk about.

Trust me, if you're looking to have a truly enjoyable and unforgettable time with your partner, this game is a must-have. Bonus points for fast and descreet shipping.

From Etsy

The questions ramp up nicely, providing an easy lead in to deeper discussions.

Jessica Dobbins
Lack of Variety

The description --- and the few example cards shown in pictures --- are what drew me to this deck over others on the marketplace. The deck itself, really is of very nice quality, and I liked its packaging/presentation, so marks for that, but it's just not what I was looking for.

I noted how lacking the content of the topics were in diversity as I went through the deck.

4 out of [I think] 6 cards about blow/hand jobs that are not innately meant to be turned around to deal with female stimulation --- and yes, I know a hand job could be considered analogous to fingering, so it would depend on interpretation, but that's not the point. Also, too, I could change the wording myself to include myself, but well...

There are 8 cards on "sex and foreplay" with only 2 mentioning foreplay, and another 6 on "foreplay and sex" with only another 2 mentioning foreplay ---- both in passing as if it's not important; at that point, why not just make a whole sex category, since the foreplay portion of it obviously wasn't important enough to warrant discussing?

And while I may not practice such (and rightfully would be curious about if my partner might want to), I KNOW there have to be other kinks besides bdsm --- of which there are 4 cards on and only 1 (maybe 2 if you count the card in the "sexy games" category which actually blends 2 topics --- action and play) on anal stuff.

I didn't see anything on positions, but did see 1 (?) card on time of day.

Overall, not a bad deck, just very lacking

Thank you for taking your time leaving your review!

We try to be as transparent as possible about what our product includes (and doesn't include), so It is unfortunate you found the Naughty Conversations lacking in variety. The Naughty Conversations include 100 questions that addresses many different subtopics of Sex, Foreplay, Kinks, Fantasies, Desires, Sex Appeal, and many many others. Up to this point no customer has given feedback on this particular topic.

Regarding the Blow-Job and Hand-Job cards, yes you are correct you can easily interpret the cards for men and women (and that was the original intention), but yes, we agree that these particular cards can be improved and we will do so in the near future.

Regarding the mentioned 'Sex and Foreplay' cards we don't agree to this critique, because all of these cards have questions relating to sex and foreplay.

Regarding the kinks section of your review, again we don't agree to this, as the game includes many different sex-related questions that you can use as a checklist-type questions or as a starting question which you can then expand talking about all the things that interest you both on that subtopic.

But of course we understand every opinion is subjective and valid on its own, so we are truly sorry our product was not able to meet your expectations, and we hope you will find a game that fulfills your needs better.

Yours truly,
Joyful team

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