Easy tips on how to build intimacy with your partner

Intimacy is an essential part of every relationship. No matter if you are friends or lovers, to be genuinely honest, open and ready for different activities, first you have to build intimacy between you two. Of course, what kind of acts of intimacy is needed are different for everyone, but the foundation is the same for all.

What is intimacy?

Usually with word “intimacy” people think about physical acts which might lead to sex but actually intimacy starts long before that. It starts with a combination of four intimacy types: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Each type requires different things of actions but only all together gives the result which is expected. That is reason why it is important to understand how to be intimate with your partner in every level of your relationship.

Talking as a key of emotional intimacy

As it was expected, talking is one of the most significant parts of intimacy. You cannot be truly intimate with your partner if you do not tell what is going on your mind. Sometimes it might be hard to tell everything but to build intimacy you do not have to tell all at once. Reveal some fact which you usually would hide and let your partner know how much effort it takes to bring it out. Showing vulnerability, even after couple years in relationship will be as a signal to your partner that you have full trust on this person and your partner can be fully open to you too.

How can you find your type of intimacy?

Joyful Couples Conversations for Couples

Our Conversation Games for couples are a perfect activity, how you can get to know each other, find out your desires, wishes, preferences and the ideal type of intimacy you need. The Life Conversations will let you find the answers to the general questions about values, relationship, difficult questions, and the Naughty Conversations will let you answer the spicy questions about sex, fantasies, and desires.

Joyful Couple's Blog: Easy Tips for improved intimacy

Not a day without compliment.

People in daily routine tend to take their partners and their deeds for granted, or even fail to see some of them at all. In long term that can slowly kill diminish the will of putting any effort in their relationship which can lead to many unpleasant problems. This is the reason why you should find the time to sincerely compliment your partner at least once a day. Is it something, what your partner has done today, how he/she looks or how much you love him/her… it is your choice what you wish to tell your partner, but let your partner know that you cherish all what he or she is doing! And in turn, you must listen to the compliments, so your partner feels heard and acknowledged.

Change your daily routine together.

Even, if you have an excellent communication, there might be situations or periods in your life, when you could feel emotionally distanced from your significant other. Easy way how to change this is to involve at least one new activity which neither of you has done. It will not only let you grow as a couple but also as an individual what is win-win situation.

Joyful Couple's Romantic Game

A great example, of how you could find ideas to change the daily routine, is the Romantic Game – which include 50 amazing activities, sorted in 5 categories, that include gifts, conversations, travel, physical activities you can do together, and 10 slightly naughty activities for you to enjoy.

Find some time only for you two.

In today’s world it is easy to lose yourself in the everyday rush, and to forget to spend quality time with your partner. But to build intimacy, you have to find the time to spend at least a few hours a week to give each other undivided attention – put down your phones, leave your work aside and go to the nearest park while holding hands, talk, laugh, and enjoy your company. Go see the sunset and enjoy the view with simple talks about any topic which comes in your mind. No matter of what you do or about what you have conversation, make sure that there is nothing what can take away your attention from you two.

Show some physical attention not only in bedroom.

Physical intimacy is built on every small physical action which you make in your daily life. Like holding hands while going for a walk, showing happiness with a hug, expressing love with a kiss… Every small physical thing, even putting hand on a partner leg, helps to build intimacy.

And, show intimacy in the bedroom, too!

While non-physical intimacy is essential, don’t forget that almost everyone has physical needs as well – everyone wants to be desired, touched, and lust from time to time. How often you wish to do it, and how naughty – that is up to you, and the only way to find out is to talk about it with your partner and then trying it out for yourselves.

To find out, how naughty you are and how willing to try out now things in bedroom, try some of our Spicy Games – the games are in different tiers of hotness, so there is at least one game for each type or couple. 

Long story short:

Intimacy cannot be built in one day. It is a work for two people, which involves a lot of communication not only about sexual life and relationships but also about you two as a humans, and life in general. But communication alone also is not all you need to build intimacy. You have to find some time in your busy schedule for your partner, some time for activities what you could do together and undivided attention for your other half. At the end of the day, that is a lot of effort but results are totally worth it to make your life much more filled with happiness and love!

Joyful Couple's Blog - Build Intimacy

So, build intimacy and Play Feel Love



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