30+ Fun, Hot, and Exciting Date Ideas for Summer


Looking for exciting ideas on how to spice up your summer dates? There’s a lot you can do to make date nights interesting, fun, and even memorable!
There are plenty of ways to keep the romance alive during the hot months. Whether it’s holding hands or kissing during the day, there’s something special about being outdoors till late. There are also plenty of locales to take advantage of. From the beach to the concert hall.
With the scorching heat upon us, now is the best time to start planning your next romantic adventure. Here are some ideas for how to keep the spark alive this season of the year.

**Tips are sorted in no particular order and can be done separately. 


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30+ Fun, Hot, and Exciting Date Ideas for Summer


1. A Day at a Vineyard



A vineyard offers guests an unforgettable experience. Travel to the most beautiful places with your special one.
Guests can take a tour of the estate, visit the gift shop, taste wine at a tasting room, picnic at a restaurant overlooking the vineyard, or dine on gourmet food and wine in a private room. Some options include vineyards in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Paso Robles, or anywhere else that have tours and events.


2. Watch Sunrise Together


There are few things more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the horizon. It's a sight that's hard to describe in words, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. This is a great way to start your day with your significant other.


a couple hugging each other and watching sunset together

3. Go to an Outdoor Concert


Do you know those concerts where everyone dances all over the place while people are singing and having a good time listening to some great music? That's exactly what we're talking about here.
We can't recommend them enough if you're looking for a great time with your spouse. Pick a concert venue that's near you (not too far to travel) and go check it out. There are some free ones that people don't even know about.

4. Rent a Tandem Bike


If you are looking for a fun time to do as a pair, why not rent a tandem bike? This is a beautiful activity that allows you and your spouse to have some quality time together, all while riding in comfort.
All you need to do is pick up a tandem bicycle from a nearby rental company, and take it to the park or beach where you want to appreciate your ride.
This way you will be having a good time together while doing it in style! Not to mention it is good for your health.
And sure, if a tandem bike sounds too difficult for you, just have a bike for each of you.


man and woman standing in front of a tandem bike

5. Wear Sexy Lingerie and Watch Erotic Films


Sexy lingerie, sensual music, and you both together is a recipe for a hot evening!
There is something incredibly arousing about wearing sexy lingerie. You can see the effect it has on your lover.
Aroused and excited people tend to get carried away and do things they wouldn't normally do. They don't take life as seriously, they let their hair down, they flirt, they get frisky, they make jokes, and they talk dirty.
It's a little bit like teasing your lover. One of the biggest ways that men can get aroused and excited is by watching erotic films together with their partners.

6. Have a Tasty Picnic in your Local Park or on a Beach


A picnic is a great way to celebrate a hot day. The weather is nice and there are plenty of shady spots to sit down and relax with your loved one. You can take advantage of all of the local sights, smell the fresh air, and appreciate the company of someone special.
This simple plan is the ultimate way to have fun while connecting with your significant other out in nature.


a couple having a picnic date on a beach

7. Beach Trip & Bikini


This could be one of those spontaneous dates where you want to create the vibe that you're just on vacation. The key here is to get away and be together.
Pick a local beach that offers simple fun activities, including surfing, swimming, and more.
This is the best opportunity for you and your partner to feel young again (or be young), because who doesn't want to run around in the sand with their bare feet and have a cocktail in the sun?
Don't forget a few towels and plenty of sunscreen, and bring a book, a camera, and maybe a few snacks too.


8. Enjoy a Ferry Ride


There are many wonderful reasons to spend some time with your significant other, but perhaps the best reason to do so is that you can take them on an intimate, memorable ferry ride.
Evening on the water can include a relaxing boat ride, dinner in the dining room, a stroll along the deck, cocktails, and a stunning view.
The combination of all the activities and a lovely atmosphere makes the ultimate recipe for a passionate night together.

man and woman having a stroll of a boat harbor

9. Find the Best Botanic Garden in Your Area


So this is a fun and easy date if you're looking for something interesting to do together these hot days. Not only is it a great adventure because it gives you a chance to relax and unwind and be in nature, but it can also serve as an introduction to botanic gardens.
Plus, they often are free and provide many amenities for visitors to walk and explore, such as nearby art installations, outdoor pathways, picnic tables, and plenty of benches to sit on and have an intimate conversation

10. Surprise Your Partner With a Sexy Massage


While there are endless ways to surprise a partner, a sexy massage is one of the best. A little bit of pressure, a little bit of sensuality, and a lot of romance can make a night of passion truly memorable.

Not only is a massage intimate, but it’s also therapeutic and good for your health. A massage is a great way to relax, reduce stress, relieve headaches, ease back pain, and help a body recover from the day.

Bring your favorite natural massage oil and let your bodies do the talking.

a man hugging a smiling woman that lays in a chair

11. Play a Lawn Game


This weekend, take advantage of some time outside together and play a lawn game. Whether it's croquet, tennis, or badminton, playing a sport with your significant other can be a fun time together.
If you don't know how to play the game, but you're interested, take advantage of YouTube videos to teach yourself.

12. Make an Ice Cream Together


If you’ve been trying to figure out a different date for your partner, why not make delicious ice cream together? You don’t need a huge budget for this sweet treat.
Just head to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients. You can also find ice cream recipes online that help guide you through the process. You can also make some cute and quirky ice cream flavors, too.

a couple enjoying two flavors of ice cream

13. Play Hot & Steamy Couples Games


Our Naughty Game is the ultimate sexy date night game for lovers who want to try something new. This game is fun, exciting, and different.

It allows you to get to know each other better and see if they are ready to dive into the world of naughty and kinky activities that will surely take your relationship to a whole new level.

Play our Naughty Game today and let your sexual fantasies come alive! There are over 50 sexy activities to choose from, including 10 blank cards for your steamy fantasies.

14. Go on a Hike


You don't have to be an expert hiker to appreciate a hike with your special someone. Whether you are hiking on a trail in the woods or at a local park, just make sure you have your camera ready to capture the beauty that surrounds you. 
Being active in nature will let you connect while improving your physical and mental health as well.

a woman piggy-backs on a man while they are hiking in nature

15. See an Outdoor Movie


On a hot summer day, why not go to an outdoor movie theater and watch it under the stars with your sweetheart? This lovely date suggestion will help you relish a few hours of romance and show you care enough to plan something special for your love.
You can book tickets online and arrive with a picnic basket packed full of yummy snacks. And many outdoor theaters provide to choose between watching it in the open or in the privacy of your car, whichever is best for you.

16. Go to a Brunch


Summer dates should be fun and relaxing. Brunch is the best choice to get you both out of the house for some quality time together.


Whether you go to a traditional brunch spot or choose to make your own meal at home, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourselves in style and comfort. And if you want to make it feel a little more special, remember to have meaningful conversations!

man hugging a woman while she pours coffee

17. Behave like teens


We’re talking about those "love at first sight" feelings you had back then (when you were a teenager) but never felt quite so crazy about as you do now.
People who are willing to take risks and are open to trying new activities tend to be better lovers because they’re more relaxed and spontaneous.
These people are more likely to try out new things, try new foods, and even experiment with new ways of getting frisky in the bedroom. 

18. Watch Fireworks together


Have you ever noticed the beauty of fireworks against the sky on the 4th of July? It's always fun to go watch them with your spouse.


You don't need anything special for this summer date, just enjoy being together while sharing this special moment with each other.

19. Go to a Nudist Beach


If you want to make sure to keep your life exciting, why not consider a date at a nudist beach?
If you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't go nude, then why not go together?
You'll be able to have fun being naked without being embarrassed, and you'll also be able to encounter new kinds of sensations in a different environment.

a naked man and woman sitting in a tent in front of a beach

20. Find Rooftop Venue for Coffee or Drinks


For those who have been looking to plan something relaxing but don’t really know what to do or where to do it, then here’s the perfect solution for you!
Try out a nearby rooftop venue where you can get coffee or drinks together. Go somewhere that has some view and you can still sip your drinks together.

21. Go on a Boat Trip


Summertime is often associated with a sense of freedom, relaxation, and time off from a hectic routine. And of course - water. So, for people looking for some fun time together outdoors, having a boat trip can be an amazing idea.
The open-air adventure gives a chance to breathe fresh air, appreciate nature, and bond with your loved one.

a man makes a selfie with his group of friends on a boat

22. Go Skinny-dipping


So, if you're looking for some sexy summer date ideas with your partner, go skinny dipping. This is an oldie but a goodie, it really works because it's a double-whammy!
The first part is that it’s totally sexy, and the second part is that it’s super easy to do.
Here's how: Start off with the obvious. 
  • Go on a day where the sun is high and the temperature is perfect. 
  • Then, take a hike. Pick a secluded area and start playing with each other. 
  • Or, better yet, grab a paddle and head to a secluded lake. 
  • Once there, take it slow and notice the view. Then, go skinny dipping. 
  • Just before you dive into the lake, connect with each other and make sure you're both comfortable. 
  • Don't let the element freak you out; just go for it!

23. Go Rollerblading


If you are in a relationship and you want something to do that is both fun and a challenge, rollerblading is a great venture.
Not only is it easy to get started with but if you practice a little bit you will be able to improve your skills and show your partner some fun tricks.

man and woman with rollerblades sitting on a sidewalk

24. A Day Naked


Here's a fun and easy way to show you love and appreciation for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being naked is in style!
So, spend the day naked together. This way you'll both enjoy the affair and feel closer to one another, just remember to have some privacy when you are there.

25. Go to a Waterpark


There are so many reasons why you should consider a trip to a pool and slide with your loved one. It is fun and exciting, it will make you feel like children again, to name just some! 
It doesn't matter whether you've been seeing each other for two weeks or five years, the two of you will always have fun at the pool.

a couple having fun in a waterpark

26. See a Comedy or Talk Show


If you’re looking for fun summer date ideas, why not go somewhere to have a laugh together. Try something new and you could have a totally fun time.
One suggestion would be to try a comedy show or a talk show. These are both easy to attend because they happen in bars and restaurants. So if you want to be adventurous, check out your local establishments. 
If your significant other is having some doubts, you can remind them that there are many benefits of having a laugh - it lets you produce vitamins in your body, and is good for your mental health.

27. Try Rock Climbing


If you are the active couple, who does not shy away from fitness and excitement, this could be for you!
Adventurous dates can be very fun. You both can have a blast, but the trick is to figure out a fun activity that is still a little challenging for you.
Rock climbing is a great option because it can be a lot of fun while having the right dose of adrenaline. Climbing is challenging but relaxing, and you can both relish it.
You’ll both need to work up to the point where you can climb together, but if you work hard, it should only take you a week or two. After that, you can go on a date to try out your new mutual hobby.

man and woman hiking high in the mountains

28. Visit Local Farmers Market


This is an easy yet fun summer date idea that can be done anywhere. Just find a local farmer's market, stroll through it, and stop by to chat with the vendors.


Then you can come home with fresh products, like, fruits and veggies, and make a delicious, not to mention healthy, meal together.

29. Take a Segway/Monowheel Tour

To make the most of your romantic evening, why not experience something fun and unique. 


Segway tours give you a chance to take a romantic ride together, explore the city together, and enjoy the view together.


a close up of feet of a man and woman on monowheel

30. Go Kayaking or Sailing


If you haven't been kayaking or sailing yet, there's no better way to spend a hot day in the summer than by taking a leisurely boat ride or going on a sailboat adventure with your partner.
There's something about sailing or kayaking together that makes it special. Plus, the breeze blowing through your hair, the salty air filling your lungs, and the feeling of being completely relaxed are all the added bonuses of the sport.
So why not take advantage of this beautiful weather to hit the water?

31. Attend Neighborhood Festivals


Many people love attending neighborhood festivals and fairs together because it creates memories, fosters trust, and can add value to your relationship.
The key is to choose a fun event that your loved one would enjoy attending, and then coordinate dates when you can attend as well. 

man and woman kissing in a summer setting

32. City Scavenger Hunt


A City Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to explore the city together and learn about new places. Start off by picking an area in your city that you want to visit, and then plan a scavenger hunt.
Each location should have a unique piece of trivia for you to discover along the way. For example, in Chicago, one of the tourist-favorite is Millennium Park, so you could say something like, “I’m starting at Millennium Park and working my way around the Loop.”.
Now you need to give your partner clues about where to go. If you want to make this more interesting, you can let them start the game by choosing one of the locations. Or, you can let them point to the location first and then follow the clues.

man and woman strolling through a park in summer

In Conclusion


So the warmest time of the year is here, and you are wondering, how to make the best of it by having some quality time with your significant other? That is amazing!
Going on dates, especially during summer is an incredible way to rekindle the excitement in your relationship. 
So, if you’re having trouble coming up with date proposals or simply want to have more ideas up your sleeve, here are 30+ fun, hot, and exciting date proposals for you to consider.   


As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.


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