10 Smart Tips to Help You Survive a Rough Patch in Your Relationship

It is no secret that relationships are not always easy. Sometimes, they can be downright difficult and it's easy to start questioning whether you should stay with your partner or not. You might even feel like giving up just because things have been rough for a while now. 

And, indeed, some relationships are not worth fighting for – so, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself, if you wish to fight for this relationship? If the answer is "no" and it truly is not working for you, it is better to end it as civilized and respectful as possible – but this is a topic for another article. 

But if you answered “yes” and are committed to the relationship, that means you want to work through this rough patch. So, these 10 tips will help you survive and get back on track!

10 Smart Tips to Help You Survive a Rough Patch in Your Relationship

1.Talk to each other

Sometimes relationships go through periods of adjustment. It can be hard to figure out what the best course of action is when things get heated, but one thing that will always help your situation tremendously is having an open and honest conversation with each other about how you're feeling. This can either help heal some old wounds or, if done in a timely manner – can prevent something small escalating into something worse!

If opening up seems daunting or impossible right now, we suggest trying our Life Conversations. It is a collection of 100 questions about life, money, beliefs, and values. It will be a great help while communicating effectively both in good and tough times- because no matter who we are as individuals sometimes there just isn't enough time during busy days (or lives) to put forth maximum effort towards making ourselves heard.

2. Take some time for yourselves

When everything feels like it's falling apart, it can be tempting to spend all your time with your partner to fix things. But this isn't always healthy or productive. In fact, taking some time apart can be very beneficial. 

You might find that you end up feeling closer after spending some quality alone time together. So, take some space and focus on yourselves for a bit, even if things are rough right now.

Survive a rough patch in relationship

3. Learn to tolerate your partner's flaws

No one is perfect and when everything is going wrong in your relationship, it's easy to start seeing every single flaw in your partner as something unforgivable or unacceptable. But the truth is that no one does their best when they're under stress or unhappy with their situation.

If you want this rough patch to get better, then put yourself in your partner's shoes and try to see them through more forgiving eyes! This will help build empathy between the two of you so that you can work through things together.

4. Forgive your partner's past mistakes

It might be hard to look beyond all of the mistakes that your partner has made in the past but doing so will help you get back on track much faster. 

If this is a recurring problem for you (and it might be if this is not the first rough patch for you), then be sure to remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes sometimes and forgiveness does not mean forgetting or excusing their behavior – it is a step to understanding and getting back to normal.

The more compassion you show each other during times like these, the better! It may feel unfair at first because neither one of you deserves to deal with this kind of stress, but by working through it together, forgiving one another, and being more understanding, you'll be setting yourselves up for a much brighter future.

5. Take care of yourself

One of the most important things you can do during a rough patch is take care of yourself. This means eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and doing something that makes you happy every day.

When your relationship is going through a tough time, it's easy to lose focus on yourself and put all your energy into fixing things with your partner. But this isn't healthy, and it will only make you feel worse in the long run.

So, take some time for yourself each day - even if it's just for an hour or two - and focus on your own happiness. You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel and how much easier it will be to work things out with your partner when you're in a good place mentally and emotionally.

How to overcome a crisis in relationship

6. Spend time with friends and family

In addition to the previous suggestion, another great way to take care of yourself during a rough patch is to spend time with your friends and family. This can be really helpful for two reasons: first, it will give you a break from the stress of your relationship and allow you to relax and rejuvenate. 

Second, it will provide you with some much-needed support from people who care about you. So don't be afraid to lean on them when things get tough - they'll be more than happy to help.

7. Seek professional help

If things have been bad for a while and you don't feel like you can get past this rough patch on your own, then consider seeking professional help. This quite often is considered as a weakness, but It is the opposite of that – it shows you are willing to do what’s necessary to make your relationship work again.

Sometimes all couples need is an outside perspective to help them get back on track. Professional counseling can provide just that, so if things are really tough right now, it might be worth considering.

8. Avoid making major decisions

One thing that's important during a rough patch is not making any major decisions. This includes things like getting married, moving in together, or having kids. While these might seem like good ideas at the time, they could end up causing more problems than you're already having, so it's best to hold off on these decisions during a rough patch.

Overcome problems in relationship

9. Be supportive and be there for your partner

If your relationship is having a rough patch, and you are ready to fix it, you should simply be there for your partner. This means supporting them, listening when they need someone to talk to, and trying not to make it about yourself – it will show how much you care, and in time your partner will see this, too.

If your partner is struggling, then remind yourself that they aren't doing this because they want out or don't love you anymore – but rather because life sometimes puts us through these difficult times where we have no control over what happens next and all we can do is try our best (and hope that it will get better).

Remind yourself that even though it is difficult to see it right now - of how much your partner loves you, and that they would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

10. Give it time

Finally, the most important thing to remember during a rough patch is that it will eventually pass. This isn't something that's going to last forever, and with a little bit of patience, understanding, and effort from both of you, things will get better. 

So don't give up on your relationship just yet - it might be tough right now, but it's worth fighting for!

Overcome a rough patch for couples

In conclusion

If you're struggling through a difficult patch in your relationship, try following these ten tips to help make things a little bit easier! It may feel unfair at first because neither one of you deserves to deal with this kind of stress right now, but by working through together, forgiving one another, and being there for each other, you'll make it through this rough patch in no time and come out better than before! 

We truly hope that reading this article helped you in some way, and you are now on your way to getting back your relationship on the right track! 

Leave us a comment below telling us how well these strategies worked for you in your own life, post any questions that come up as you read them, leave feedback about what we could do differently-we'll answer every question personally. And don't forget to check out our other articles about relationships, too!

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