Valentine's Day Gift Guide. 25 Naughty, Sexy and Kinky Gifts for Couples

Valentine’s Day is about, love and romance, appreciation, we all know that. But although not so loudly talked about, it also is about passion, desire, and sex. So, after your romantic surprise, why not take your Valentine’s Day experience to new heights with a naughty follow-up? It will definitely be a day (and night) to remember! 

Maybe, you have some ideas, but are not exactly sure, what spicy gift to buy for your special one? We have some great suggestions to help get your mind going! 

There is no wrong way when it comes down to buying gifts - after all, you can’t go wrong anyway but if this year seems extra special then why not go ahead and show them just how much their love means?  

With these 25 naughty and sexy valentine day gifts there’s sure to be something perfect fitting for any desire or need. 

If you are looking for something of the sweet side of things, have a look at our romantic gift guide for Valentine’s Day.  

One more thing, before getting started – this guide is for Valentine’s Day, but there is no obstacle making every day as Valentine’s Day, so why not have a look at this list on a regular day? Every day is a great day to gift your partner something sexy, right!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide. 

25 Naughty, Sexy, and Kinky Gifts for Couples That Your Special Someone Would Love This Valentine's Day!  

1. Love Swing (for adventurous couples)

Risky? Maybe. But with the right partner, this super fun sex swing is a must-have for your Valentine’s Day. Especially if you are really into more adventurous stuff, then the love swing is just what you are looking for. 

It works as a sex swing which you can install to any sturdy beam or hook. Once installed, it allows one partner to be fully supported with their legs spread apart while the other partner penetrates them. If you are into this sort of thing, don’t forget to check, if you will be able to install the swing at your home. 

2. Sexy lingerie 

A little less daring than the previous suggestion, but sexy nonetheless. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and intimacy, so why not get your loved one some feminine lingerie? This is an especially good gift if you’re planning on surprising them with something spicy later tonight. 

This is one of classic sexy valentine ideas, but it is effective! There are plenty of sexy Valentine’s Day themed underwear available online. 

This gift could be a fun way to start the evening, just make sure you don’t leave it lying around for your other half to see by accident!

25 sexy gifts

3. Sex toys

Oooh.. this is among the especially good and sexy valentine's day ideas! 

If you are planning on surprising your partner with some spicy adventures, sex toys are always good gifts because they show that you care about them and their pleasure. On top of that it is a great way to try out new things in the bedroom. 

There are all kinds of sex toys available - for her, toys for him, and for the both of you. Anything from dildos, vibrators, or nipple clamps all the way to more kinky toys could work. It all depends on your desires.

4. Liberator Wedge Ramp

Sexy gift that helps you to lift your hips for optimum penetration, and also it is a great place for oral sex. And the Ramp's partner in crime is the wildly popular Wedge. 

A long standard pillow, this versatile piece can be used under knees or feet to dramatically change angles during penetration. It will allow you to enjoy hands-free oral while lying on it with your head hanging over the side of the bed.

5. The Naughty Game, a sensual adult card game

Looking for a way to spice up your sex life? Then check out the Naughty Game - the perfect couples’ sexy game for those looking to experience new sexual sensations.  

With 50 cards that cover everything from sweet romance to passionate pleasure, this game is sure to get you excited and leave you wanting more. Find the Naughty Game here

Naughty Game for Couples

6. Shock necklaces 

One of the more advanced getaway toys into BDSM, this gift idea is sure to surprise your partner and spice things up in your relationship. The shock necklaces are necklaces that allow you to attach metal alligator clips to them and shock each other while kissing or touching other parts of the body (eek!). 

This gift idea could give both of you a laugh and maybe even a jolt or two.

7. The Kinky Game 

Ready to get very naughty? If the Naughty Game looks fun for you, but you would like to step it up a little, the Kinky Game is the perfect way to spice up your sex life! 

This hot and spicy card game will seduce you and your lover to experience new sexual frontiers, help you open untamed erotic fantasies, and give you a glimpse into the world of BDSM. 

With 50 cards covering everything from bondage and spanking to role-playing and oral sex, this game has something for everyone. So why wait? Find the Kinky Game here and get ready for some kinky fun!

Kinky bedroom game

8. Striptease Classes 

There’s nothing more erotically charged than going on a course and learning how to strip. Throw in a few props, a playful attitude and it’s no surprise why this is classed as one of the best spicy gifts for couples. 

For one evening, you get to dress up and do some crazy dance moves in front of your partner. It’s great fun, but also brings up intimacy quickly.

9. Sensual Pleasure Ties

Add a little spice to your sex life with these sensual pleasure ties! They make the perfect addition to any bondage game and can be used as a blindfold or restraint. Whether you're trying new things or just looking to add some excitement, these ties are sure to please. 

Bondage Ties

10. Tickler Vibe (G-spot stimulator)

The Tickler Vibe is basically like having 10 hands down there instead of only two. It will stimulate all those intimate areas simultaneously with soft tips that tickle as they vibrate, sending luxurious waves from head to toe. Just be sure to find one of good quality 

11. Lelo Tiani 3 Couples Massage

This world-famous remote-controlled couples’ massager vibrates internally and externally at the same time, teasing and pleasuring you both during lovemaking for new heights of intimate intensity.

12. The Kinky Challenges

Looking to add a lot of excitement to your love life? Being the most challenging game in our assortment, the Kinky Challenges is the perfect game for adventurous couples who want to spice things up!

With 50 challenges to choose from, ranging from vanilla to extreme, this game will provide you with hours of fun and excitement. Whether you're daring each other to try new things or simply taking turns picking challenges at random, Kinky Challenges is sure to get your heart racing! Read more about the Kinky Challenges here.

Sex Game for couples

13. Vibrating thong

If you’re looking to spice things up in bed but neither of you wants to get locked up in a chastity belt, why not consider a vibrating thong? For women, it will give them an added boost of pleasure during sex or solo play.

14. Kama sutra honey dust honeysuckle

Bring the sweet taste of honey to your love life with Kama Sutra Honey Dust! This natural, edible powder is perfect for turning every kiss into a delicious experience. 

Dust it on your partner for a sexy glow, irresistible fragrance, and soft feel. You can also use it as a daily body powder or add it to your bed sheets for an extra bit of excitement. With Kama Sutra Honey Dust, every moment spent with your lover will be sweet! 

15. Luxury Massage Oil – Affection

Looking to give your partner a massage they won't forget? Look no further than our Luxury Massage Oil - Affection! Our oil is designed to provide the perfect glide and the most delicious aromas to help you relax and get in the mood. 

Let your body be the canvas and let our oil be your paint. Experience delightfully sensuous, aromatic scents that will take you to a hazy high of relaxation. Trust us, this is one massage and sexy valentine gift they won't want to end!

16. Leather paddle for punishment 

If you are feeling naughty, you can purchase a leather paddle to punish your partner (or vice versa). You could either give them the paddle or have it yourself! It’s up to you! A little spanking can introduce sexual tension, in the best way possible.

17. Naughty Conversation starters

It is a compilation of 100 thematic questions about sex, desires, and fantasies. Playing this card game is an intimate way to get closer with your partner by exploring their desires and fantasies. 

As you ask questions about what turns them on, it gives the opportunity for deep discussion that will lead toward greater sexual understanding between two people who have been together as long or short-term partners before! Get the Naughty Conversations here and dive into the world of desire and fantasies.

Valentine's day gift guide

18. The All Night Long Kit

If you're looking for the perfect way to make your V-Day extra special, try a CBD-infused lube that will give both partners an earth-shattering high. Plant-based sexual wellness brand Foria has their Intimacy Lubricant and Arousal Oil so not only can they enhance pleasure with penetration but any discomfort as well! 

19. Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Nipple Clamps are a must for the start of any good BDSM experience. The rubber tips feel comfortable and there are sliders on either side that allow you to adjust their tightness, making these clamps perfect whether your interest lies in pain or pleasure (or both!).

20. The Naughty Scenarios 

This is the perfect way to keep your sex life exciting and passionate! This deck of cards contains four different categories that give you thousands of different role-play combinations to keep things interesting. 

With The Naughty Scenarios, you can explore new fantasies and create spicy new memories with your partner. So why wait? Get the Naughty Scenarios here and rekindle the spice in your relationship today!

Naughty gift on Valentine's day

21. Gladiator remote control cock ring

This remote control vibrating ring is the perfect gift for any man in your life. The ultimate way to share pleasure comes with a clitoral stimulator so everyone involved can enjoy themselves! 

22. Premium and ethical porn site membership

Surprise your lover with a naughty gift - membership to a premium porn site that tends to be more female-friendly (and just generally more appealing to the eye) like or XConfessions.

23. Body-painting kit for couples

The key to this body-painting kit—by which we mean, painting a canvas using all parts of your and your partner’s bodies--is stripping down first.

24. Leather flogger

Leather floggers are the most popular classic device in BDSM. They can be used for both beginners and experienced players since it's a great way to warm up before getting into heavier play with other devices. It symbolizes what you want - power! 

The leather strikes against your skin with controlled precision while delivering intense sensations that will leave any person feeling pleasured yet intact because there is no bruising or tearing on their beautiful bodies when we use our creativity instead of violence.

25. Game for an Unforgettable foreplay experience – the Foreplay Game

The Foreplay Game will help you and your partner have amazing foreplays again. The cards in this sexy card game are designed to excite, arouse, or even shock both of you!

You'll be able to use them for many different purposes from exploring new territory as part of an exciting build-up before sex all the way through some fun surprises during acts themselves. Get the Foreplay Game here and experience foreplay like never before.

Sexy Gift for Valentine's Day

We hope you enjoyed our list of naughty valentines day ideas. If you’ve been looking for a perfect present for your significant other, this is the place to be!

With these 25 sexy, seductive gifts, there are sure to be options that fit any desire or need. From couple’s games to sex toys, we have it all covered in one handy blog post. Let us know which of these items were your favorite so we can spice up your next holiday season with some new ideas.

Maybe we missed a gift you think should be in this article? Please, let us know in the comments below!

If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other relationship tips here, or find a thoughtful gift for couples here.

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