Valentine's Day: Why you should celebrate it with your partner


Love is all around us, so why not celebrate it? Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to show your partner how much they mean to you. There are many reasons for celebrating love with them: from recreating and remembering old moments from your past or planning something new this year! And Valentine’s Day is known to be the day of all lovers, so if there is one particular day, when you should express your love, it is Valentine’s Day! We decided to do some research for this article and gather 10 Reasons why you should spend Valentine’s Day with your partner! 
Of course, this also extends further than Valentine’s Day, so be sure to look up these reasons also on a regular day to remind yourself that we all need to receive and express love.



10 Reasons why you should celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner 



1. You will spend quality time with your partner 


This is the best reason why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner! Spending time together makes you feel closer and more connected. And, add to it a nice planned out evening – weather it is a simple walk, a date night at a restaurant or something fancier – it is a recipe for elevated mood and amazing new memories together.



2. To remind why you fell in love with each other 


If there has been a decline or a routine in your relationship, then this is a great opportunity to know more about each other and rekindle that old flame that brought you together in the first place. Just put a little effort into it and then see how the evening will end. You might be surprised.



3. It will let you connect and express your feelings


In the modern times we fortunately we have normalized talking about your feelings, but even now not every couple can be open to their significant other, so Valentine’s Day is the day when you can use it as an ice-breaker. 

Tell to your partner that you wish to have a nice evening together, prepare some snacks, some drinks, and dive into the beautiful world of meaningful conversations! What a bonding experience!


For some great conversation ideas, see our Conversation Games here.

Why celebrate valentines day

4. Relive the moments of the “Good old days”


No matter, if you just started dating or have been married for 20 years now, every couple have made many beautiful memories together. Reminisce over old (or recent) happy memories that you made together. Maybe, you had a wonderful Christmas together, or remember that amazing trip together, or how you both laughed about THAT one thing. Relive those moments where both of you were happy and emphasize how much you appreciate them in your life! 
One of the most loving things you can do for your significant other is share what it means to you to have them in your life! Expressing this appreciation will make them feel loved and show your partner what they mean to you! For example: "Having you in my life has made everything brighter, having someone who believes in me unconditionally warms my heart. Knowing that when times get tough, no matter what-that I'll have someone by my side makes me truly happy."

5. Celebrate the love you have for one another 


Of course, you should do this every day, but sometimes in the everyday rush we forget to even say simple things like “I Miss you”, “I love you”, so use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to yourself to honor, cherish and respect your significant other as you don't want to lose out on something so precious! This is a great thing to do on the day that symbolizes, LOVE!


6. Plan something - together


Valentine’s day is an opportunity to plan something fun and exciting with your partner or even create new plans for your future together! You can spend the day planning an event or even a week-long trip you'll be taking in the near future.

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7. Use it to try out new restaurants or foods together 

If we are talking about spending time together on valentine's day we might as well talk about trying new restaurants and foods together! You could go to a fancy restaurant and treat your partner or cook dinner at home for them, either way you won't regret it because the food will be great no matter what. And, after a fancy, romantic date night move on to something hotter, if you know what I mean 😉


8. Spicy, spicy moments!


Valentine’s day is not only about romance, it can also be about seduction and passion... so why not spice things up with your partner? This day gives you a chance to let go of anything that has been holding you back from being truly passionate about each other. It's time to break out that sexy underwear, and have a tasty bite of each other ;) Get creative – you have all night to yourselves! There are plenty ways to let loose and have some fun this Valentine’s Day! 
For some inspiration, how to spice up your evening, have a look at our spicy Couple's games here.


Sexy games for valentines day

9. There is a reason why it's called the “Day of all Lovers” after all

As the title suggests, Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with your partner so if there ever was just one good enough reason for this then this should be it. Love your partner not just on this day but every day of the year because life can be very short when you think about it, so spending the little time we have together with our loved ones is always important in my opinion.


10. Most importantly, it will strengthen your relationship.

Spending time together, making new memories, having great and meaningful conversations together, having a laugh will simply make your relationship stronger, and that is the goal of every relationship – to bond a strong, loving connection and to do it while having fun together! Use this magical day of the year to become better, more loving, and caring couple.


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In conclusion


So, what are you waiting for? Go, celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner and who knows it may lead to a nice surprise tonight if you plan something really romantic! Or it could always lead to spending quality time with your loved one. Whichever way you look at it just remember it’s about cherishing your relationship and celebrating love itself! 
So go celebrate because there is no reason not to! Maybe, there is a reason we missed? Please, go ahead and leave your most important reason to celebrate Valentine’s day in the comment section below. 
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