Relationships aren’t built in one day. More like brick-by-brick and day-by-day. Some days are easy and wonderful, some days are hard, when you have a million doubts in your head, some are the best days of your life while others are days you’d rather not remember. But when you are committed to your partner and relationship, you’re in it together - whatever challenge each day brings.

We know that each day is important and you have to treasure it! Every little detail and habit adds up and creates a loving and lasting relationship. There are lots of simple and easy ways how you can create those little and very important daily habits and rituals in your relationship too.

Here are a few ideas to help you create long lasting and healthy relationships!


  1. Spend time together

    This is an obvious one, but very important. Our lives are very busy, but your relationship is important and deserves real time together and undivided attention. Try to take some time alone with your partner to be alone and together. Turn off the TV and put away your cell phone, your emails and Facebook feed can wait and enjoy your connection, kiss, hug, talk about your day and be present. Even in long distance relationships you can spend time together – call each other every day, watch a movie together, while videochatting, send pictures (spicy ones are the best);


  1. Express appreciation

    It is so easy to take your partner for granted when it becomes a routine. Stop that routine and remember to thank each other for all the little things that you do for each other. Show your partner that you appreciate their time, efforts and value what they bring to your relationship. Saying how much you appreciate your partner is a small way to strengthen your bond. Receiving a real and heartfelt compliment from your loving person makes you smile from ear to ear and it is a real confidence booster;


  1. Have fun together

    Life is short so make time and have fun! You can have spontaneous adventures together or you can plan a month-long vacation together. Put in some effort and enjoy life with your loved one. Even at home you can have fun cooking, watching movies, reading books and having some well- deserved grown-up fun playing bedroom games, like our Naughty Game.


  1. Apologize

    We can’t stress this enough. Being always right and un-apologetic is one of the worst mistakes couples (people, for that matter) make. Since we all are human and we make mistakes (a lot) and have our shortcomings, be sure to apologize to your partner whenever necessary. “I’m sorry” means a lot, even if the disagreement is minor. And – this also is extremely important – be sure to accept the apology. Being able to apologize and forgive – the basis of a truly loving relationship;


  1. Exercise together

    Staying healthy and active is a must for the long run (no pun intended). Why not do it together with your partner? You can push each other when it gets tough and cheer each other up for your accomplishments. Find activities that you both enjoy and do them together as much as you can. Besides - sweating together is very sexy;


  1. Kiss

    Research shows that kissing your partner more often, reduces stress, increases relationship satisfaction and reduces cholesterol (which is a good thing). So, begin and end each day with a kiss. Don’t leave the house without a good-bye kiss. Kiss every time you reunite and be sure to look them in the eye while asking how their day’s been.

  2. Romance

    When you first started dating it was all about the grand gestures – romantic dates, flowers, candy, movies, etc. Don’t let that slip away and do even a small romantic thing every day. For example - leave each other love notes in totally unexpected places for later discovery. If you need more romantic ideas then you can play our Romantic game together and rekindle your romance.


  1. Celebrate life together

    Your life is a collection of little moments. As a couple it is very important to celebrate those moments. Make sure to remember anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays (hint -Valentine’s day). Create your own rituals and make these days memorable. Exchange gifts, plan relaxing activities, write letters, songs or poems for each other. You will treasure those moments forever.


  1. And of course - Play Feel Love

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