15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for You and Your Partner This Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of year for many people. For those who are in a relationship, this holiday season may bring with it even more stress than usual. While you want to get your partner something they will love, coming up with ideas that are both thoughtful and budget friendly can feel like an impossible task! However, there are plenty of options out there that will satisfy everyone on your list without breaking the bank. Here are some great gift ideas for you and your partner this Christmas! 

15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for You and Your Partner This Christmas  

1. Joyful Couple's naughty Game

This is an awesome way for couples to bond, get to know each other better and spend time together when they don't want to go out or simply can't. It is a card game with 50 cherry-picked activities for a night (or week, if you prefer to play it slowly) to remember. The activities range from talking, massages together to seductive and very spicy activities. This would be a great present for your partner this Christmas! Your relationship is worth it. Find it here.

Naughty card Game for Couples

2. Christmas Dinner for Two or A Cookbook

It's always nice to eat out but sometimes it just gets too stressful because there are so many people trying to book the romantic restaurants and romantic Christmas dinner for two is harder to find nowadays. Why not cook romantic Christmas dinner at home instead? It's much easier, especially if you do it together! 

You can also make your own romantic meal with a recipe book or cooking lessons. Cook something that you both love because this way you'll be able to eat better and spend quality time together in the kitchen! You don't need romantic gifts just simple ones that can be done easily.

3. Personalized Photo Album

If you know your partner's interests and have created amazing memories together, why not to make it last by framing it into an album? 

Use old memories to create a personalised gift that captures your partner's interest. You can include photos of yourself, date nights or even random photos of special meaning for the two of you. Cut out magazine images and glue them to pages in an empty photo album, arrange them so they tell a story about your relationship. Don't forget to use captions where possible! For example: "First Day at Work" about their first day after joining the company; "Honeymoon" all about your honeymoon experiences together; etc.

15 Gift ideas for couples

4. Christmas Massage

A romantic Christmas gift idea that can be very special for couples who are into spending intimate moments together is a romantic massage. Of course, it's not something that comes off-the-shelf so you might want to consider putting in some effort before giving your significant other a romantic massage. 

Set up the mood, wear something your partner would like, take a massage oil and let your partner enjoy! The best romantic gift ideas are things that come from the heart! Have fun this holiday with your romantic massage.

5. Travel Journal For 50 Adventures Together

As far as unique Christmas gifts go, this is one of the most memorable ones out there. It makes a wonderful way to keep track of all the places you have been with your partner so that when you are old and grey, you can look back on all your adventures in life together. 

If nostalgia isn't enough to make this top of your list, then definitely think about how great it would feel to write in this book that has a lot of different sections detailing what you did in each place. Great for newlyweds or long-time lovers! The Travel Journal is perfect for keeping track of everything from holiday plans to memories.  It is also small enough to carry with you on the road so that if you have a great idea for a trip later on down the line, you can jot it down here and keep track of it.

Gift idea - the Travel Journal

6. Wine Box (or whiskey, beer etc.) Subscription 

If your partner loves to have his/her glass of wine or other drink, this is a unique gift for him/her. This is an easy way to show you care and get your partner gifts throughout the year without feeling like it's too much or having to worry about shipping (the recipient gets charged each month only when the wine box is shipped). 

This is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for couples that love drinking wine! Just chose the one that could be changed/cancelled easily.

7. Special Coffee Mug Set 

A simple yet sweet Christmas gift. This romantic gift will make the perfect romantic breakfast in bed with your partner this Christmas morning, so they can see how much you love them before the big day begins. You'll both be able to enjoy romantic cups of coffee or tea from your funny mugs designed especially for couples, which are sure to lift any romantic feel at Christmas time. 

8. Joyful Couple's Conversation Card Game

The Joyful Couple Conversation Card Game makes a great Christmas gift idea for couples who like to connect with deep and thoughtful conversations. Especially if they have been dating/married for many years and want to talk about new, exciting topics about values, life, sex and other important themes.

Each deck of cards contains a hundred questions on either various sexual themes (Naughty Conversations) or about life, values, money and other deeper themes (Life Conversations), which will create memorable, deep and fun conversations.  

It's a great way to get to know each other better and have some honest, heart-to-heart conversations about anything that comes to mind. These two games have great reviews from our amazing customers. 

One reviewer who purchased the Naughty Conversations for her boyfriend said "My boyfriend loves playing games together so thought this would be something fun for us to do over the Christmas break. The game looked perfect when I first saw it online but after receiving it in person I was really impressed with the quality of the cards and box! It's very well made and I know we'll be getting plenty of use out of it".

GIft Idea - the Conversation games for Couples

9. Romantic Escape Vacation

Christmas is the most romantic holiday of the year. It seems romantic to spend it away with your partner in a romantic getaway! This romantic escape will help you bond with your partner, relax and have fun together. Also, don't forget to take pictures for memories. Good romantic gift ideas for your romantic getaway are candle light dinner, spa treatments, bubble bath in the room with champagne and romantic music. Have fun this holiday with your partner and remember to make romantic memories.

10. Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for something personalized, why not opt for an ornament? You can choose from various styles and designs but ultimately this gift idea requires that both of you decorate your Christmas tree together. That's something that can be very romantic too! Pick one that is made out of glass or porcelain because these materials look nice in photographs! Furthermore, if you really want to make it more romantic, add a tag on the ornament with a romantic message.

Gift guide for couples for Holidays

11. Unique And Exotic Coffee And Tea

Drinking coffee and tea can be a very romantic experience. Try giving your partner an exotic coffee or tea blend that you love, even if they are not into drinking caffeine. You might discover something new together! This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for couples who enjoy spending time in the kitchen because it's simple but has great value. A romantic gift for this holiday is an appreciation of the time you spend together!

12. Joyful Couple Sensual Pleasure ties 

Joyful Couple Sensual Pleasure ties are made of silky and soft satin which brings flexibility and comfort. Stylish & elegant design make you feel more attractive while doing intimate play with partner! 

Use them as a blindfold or tie each other up while using toys on one another. You'll find that trying new things will bring back passion into your relationship and make you feel closer than ever before!

Sensual Pleasure Ties

13. Christmas Outing For Two

Outdoor romantic Christmas gift ideas such as romantic picnics and romantic walks on the beach are great because they allow both of you to spend some quality time together! This can be very romantic for couples who enjoy spending time outdoors. All it takes is a simple outing, picnic or walk at the beach but those three activities make amazing romantic Christmas gift ideas.

14. You & Me Puzzle  

A romantic gift that is sure to be loved this Christmas. If you've been looking for romantic ideas then look no further, as a romantic puzzle makes the perfect romantic gift for your relationship this Christmas. The two of you will find it fun working together to solve this romantic puzzle, as it brings out the romantic side in both of you. Once the puzzle has been completed watch as your finished romantic picture turns into another piece of art - now can you imagine anything more romantic than that?

15. Give the gift of affection, care and love

Yes, it sounds cheesy, but after all the gifts and shiny things in the end we all want to be appreciated and loved, so just be there for your loved one, listen to him/her, tell your stories, hug him/her and have a spicy night afterwards! And the best thing - it does not cost a thing to be caring, but it does feel amazing!

What to gift to your partner on Holidays

Hopefully this article has given you some fresh ideas and insights into what makes a great gift for someone special in your life. 

From thoughtful presents that show how much you care about them to fun little surprises that will make their day brighter - no matter which present you choose, there is one thing they are guaranteed to love. You! Make the most of the holidays by giving yourself time off work so you can spend quality time with each other at home or on vacation. We hope these 10 unique Christmas gift ideas give you plenty of inspiration as well as encouragement for an extra dose of romance during this festive season. You can also sign up to get new posts delivered directly to your inbox by entering your email address below!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Joyful Couple!

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