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There are many things’ couples can do to create a lasting relationship—but one thing that seems to have the greatest effect on long-term relationships is traveling together.

There’s no question that traveling together as a couple makes your relationship stronger. According to studies, couples who take trips with one another show an increase in happiness, communication, trust, and overall satisfaction with their relationships. 

Traveling together doesn’t have to be something you do just on romantic vacations. It can be a way to improve the relationship, challenge your comfort zone and learn about yourself and your partner at the same time.

So, read on and learn how traveling together can improve your relationship and what makes it a couple’s goal?

*Tips are sorted in no particular order and can be done separately. 

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Couple Goals: Traveling Together

A change of pace

Couples can get really creative when they travel together. The benefits of being away from home together can be numerous.

But the most obvious is an escape from the everyday routine by spending quality time together, and the opportunities make new, exciting memories together.

It’s a time to reconnect and spend more time in each other’s presence. It’s also a time to work on improving communication skills and to work on things that may be at the root of your relationship problems.

A bonding experience 

New moments that are created together will forge a stronger bond between you. It will not only create an emotional bond, but create memories that will last a lifetime – to which you can return even years later and relive this experience by talking about it and going though all the photos and videos.

Also, in a different environment you will see how your partner behaves, and overcomes difficult situations if such arise. This in turn will make you learn more about you and your partner.

And that is what truly matters in a relationship – new exciting moments, new beautiful memories and stronger love between you!

Why travel is important in a relationship

Sex “on the beach”

Of course, how we could not mention the sex? One of the worst things you can let happen to your love life and relationship in general, is to let it go stale.

Surely, you can try new poses, new toys (and you should do it), but one of the things that will make it fresh again, is to do it in a different time zone. 

Maybe it is the lack of responsibility, the new environment or something else, but it just feels different, and has this weirdly pleasurable notion, when you have sex on a vacation.

So, yes, if for nothing else, take your partner on a trip for the great sex! 

A few quick tips on how to improve you traveling experience as a couple:

1. Find your reasons to travel

Yes, you may go on a trip just for the sake of it, but to make it even better, find the right reason for you and your partner. And your reason might be completely different from other couples, and that is OK.

People travel for a reason, and that reason may have nothing to do with a destination—but rather their own personal needs and wants.

For many couples, vacations serve two purposes: To recharge the marriage and to have some space away from work.

A couple's goals may differ wildly—some people want to get away from their stressful jobs, while others simply need to escape the city and spend time with their spouse.

Some people are motivated by the idea of new places, while others simply want to spend quality time with their loved ones. Regardless of why someone wants to go on vacation, the first step is to determine the purpose of the trip.

So, before blindly rushing to the cheapest destination, find out, maybe there is a better option for you. Maybe you just need a two day staycation at a local hotel just to have alone time with your partner, or maybe it is time to go to the long awaited trip to that exotic destination. Only, you will know!

2. Research the destination

When you find out, when where and why you wish to go, it is time to do at least a little research about the destination. 

Talk with your significant other and find out the places you wish to see, the things you would like to do, so you are on one page, when you will get there, because it is a big difference to go to a hiking trip or to go to an all-inclusive hotel to just relax.

By doing your research beforehand you will know that you know the same thing before getting there, which will avoid a possible argument. Imagine, if you go to a vacation, but one of you wishes to see all the museums, while the other one wants to spend all day by the pool. That would not be a great situation to find yourselves.

Also, a little research will make sure you get the most of your trip, as you will not to have to spend time doing the research on the spot, and on top of that you can save money, as often there are things you can find, like happy hours, cheaper rates for public transport and other tips and tricks that are not easily provided for tourists.

In short, a little research can do a lot to improve your trip, so you and your partner can enjoy it as much as possible.

3. Expect the unexpected

When you get there some things can go wrong and that is normal, so be ready that not everything can go according to the plan. Either it is something negative, as a bad weather, closed location, or it can be something positive – maybe, you will find our on the spot that there is an amazing event going on.

By expecting the unexpected you will be able to deal with all the potential problems, and also keep an open mind to new experiences that you might miss, if you rigorously would stick to the plan.

And having this mindset will allow you to just enjoy the experience, and have the best time ever with your partner. Cherish it!

Couple goals travel together

So, what makes Traveling as a Couples Goal?

Relationships are all about intimacy and creating exciting new memories together, and traveling is an amazing way to achieve this. Visiting new places creates excitement by itself and add your loved one in the mix – it is a recipe for couples’ goals.

Of course, not all destinations and all types of travel is for every couple. Some like active travels, like hiking or surfing trips, but some like just to enjoy the comforts of a 5-star hotel, and others love to lose themselves wondering in foreign megacity.

You just have to find yours, and then cherish all the fun, exciting and memorable moments you will create together.

Now that know why traveling is good for you and your relationship it is an amazing time to start planning your next adventure! You can even take the Travel Journal as the basis for your imagination. 

As always, feel free to read other relationship tips and look around our store to find some thoughtful and sexy gifts for couples.

Couple Goals: Travel

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