14 Day Challenge - Relationship ideas to do at Home

  1. Create a bucket-list of things to do in your lifetime.

Now is a good time to sit down and without any rush to think about your future and things you wish to do and accomplish together. It may be bungee jumping, trip to Paris, a new addition to the family – nothing is too small or too big. If you think it is exciting or necessary, write it down on a paper, in a notebook or on your computer. Just be sure not to lose it and then occasionally add new things and cross out those you have done.

Benefits: mutual goals strengthen your relationships, because it allows to imagine your future together. And also, not all the time the couple has mutual interests, so this challenge will let you express your wishes and interests in an easy-going manner, so you both can grow closer and be more understanding.

A. Just talk about the things you would like to do in your lifetime.

  1. Make a list with these things.
  2. To all the things write down a small description and timeframe.


  1. Have a Game Night

Take out from your closet your old board games or just download a new game that you can play together (or with your family). Game night can be a really fun activity – from card games to video games, to party games on your phones. When you were little, you must have often played some games that brought you joy, laughter or excitement – so, why not recreate those emotions now?

Benefits: depending on the game – laughter, joy, excitement and positive emotions.


  1. Board or card game – find a game that you have at home or order a new game online.
  2. Videogame – on your PC, MAC, phone or game console download a new game that can be played together.
  3. Party game – this option is for those, who are at home more than two people. If you don’t know any good party games, just google “party games” – there are plenty of good examples.


  1. Have a Heart-to-heart conversation.

It is no secret that communication is the foundation of strong and happy relationships. You must talk not only about the mundane and nice things, but also about the unpleasant and serious matters or you will slowly grow apart. But by maintaining regular, friendly and open conversations, you can know each other better, become closer, learn how to surprise each other and the “talking” process itself makes you feel better. We all know the high that you feel after a deep conversation with a person you trust and can open to. If you also think that conversations are necessary, but lack topic ideas, you can try our “Life Conversations” and “Naughty Conversations” as a great starting point.

Benefits: you will get to know each other, learn more about your partner’s interests and maybe, you will even better understand yourselves. If the conversation will turn out truly deep and sincere, you both will feel great and lifted. If the talk will not turn out that open, keep this as a first exercise and after a while do it again and talk more deeply about the topics you started.

A. Just sit down and start talking about anything that pops into your minds.

  1. Try our Life or Naughty Conversations as a starting point.
  2. Before the talk, each of you make a few (or more) specific questions or topics you wish to talk about.


  1. Make a meal together.

Two of the life pleasures are tasting great food and being together with your loved one, so combine these two things and find at your home or on the internet recipe of a new, fancy food that you can prepare at your home. You can prepare everything together (for example stretching and rolling dough can be made as a sexy and fun experience). Or, if you are a more practical couple, divide your tasks, but most importantly – do everything with ease and fun! If the food will turn out tasty – great! If not, treat this as a learning and bonding experience.

Benefits: a great time together, new skills in the kitchen and, of course, tasty food.

A. If you both are not that good with preparing food, just make a very simple dish, like a snack plate or a simple salad.
B. Check the ingredients you have at home and prepare a new or long forgotten dish.

  1. Find a cookbook and look for a completely novel and exotic recipe that will take several hours to prepare. Make this as a whole-day exercise.


  1. Movie and TV day.

It is time to take a breather and completely relax for a day. And there are just a few more relaxing activities than laying on the couch and watching your favorite series and movies. So, use the free day doing exactly this. Rent a movie on your computer or turn on your favorite streaming service (if you don’t have one, most of them have a free trial period), choose a bunch of series or movies and watch them until the morning light! Why not use the time to binge all the “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” movies or maybe a few “Friends” seasons? Of course, don’t forget about the snacks!

Benefits: non-compromise chill day and forget about your everyday problems and tasks. After this binge marathon, maybe you even will want to do something productive!

A. Watch something that is available on the TV programs.
B. Watch a movie or two of your choosing.
C. Complete binge marathon until the morning light.


  1. Plan future travels together.

At the moment the situation is very bad for traveling and exploring the world, but it does not mean we cannot imagine and vision our future endeavors! So, use this time to research and plan, which places you wish to see together. This exercise and talking about travels will let you imagine – even if it is only in your imagination - to be somewhere else and to get out of the everyday routine.

Benefits: exercise for your imagination and a ready plan for your future travels.

A. Just talk about and discuss the places you wish to visit together and which ones – not so much.
B. Make a list of the favorite places.
C. Use our Travel Journal as a blueprint, where you will be able to not even plan tour future travels, but also write down the memories of your previous adventures.


  1. Workout together

Most of us are a bit lazy to regularly work out, not to mention to do it at home! It is better to sit on the couch and chill, right? But we also know that great feeling after a good exercise – that rush, even a high or load of energy! So, find a good home workout program on YouTube that fits your abilities and let’s do it – be fit! And this is something that can be done every day.

Benefits: that good rush feeling after a workout. If you will keep doing it regularly, you will boost immunity and will feel better overall.

A. Do some simple stretching exercises together.
B. Do some simple strength exercises together (e.g. squats, press-ups, lunges etc.)
C. Find on the internet a 10-60-minute home workout program and do it.


  1. The Big House Clean up.

Who doesn’t like to live in a tidy and clean home? Use the free time to finally sweep off the dust of taller closets, clean all the windows, throw out the clothes you have not put on for the last few years and sort out all the things from the closet’s deep end. Throw out all the broken things and put aside the ones that are still in good quality, but no longer necessary to you, so you can donate them to people, who might need them more.

Benefits: a clean home, more space for you and maybe – you will surprise someone with new things.

A. Do some of the small chores together – vacuum, clean the dust, wash the windows.
B. Choose one or a few rooms and do major cleaning there, so everything shines there afterwards.
C. Got on with it and start a complete house clean up – vacuum, clean, organize, throw out the unnecessary! Do everything you had postponed until now.


  1. Dress up and Photoshoot

Take the most extravagant and crazy outfits you can find at home and do a personal fashion show. Surprise each other with funny, crazy and sexy outfits – and in the process have a lot of fun doing it. Of course, don’t forget to take photos, so after a while, you can remember this with a smile on your lips. And, if the shoot will turn out glamorous, be sure to share your results with your friends!

Benefits: fun time, laughter and experience in the show biz’! Who knows – maybe after this you will change your profession to a fashion model or a designer?

A. Combine a few of your mundane clothes into something new.
B. Throw on some accessories – hats, earrings, shoes etc.
C. Don’t limit yourself with clothes – use anything that you can find. Sheets, fruits, vases, lights. You are fashion designers, and nothing is too crazy for you!

  1. A Sexy Roleplay.

In a relationship it is very important to keep the spark going. We know that you are comfortable at home and feel relaxed, which can make us a bit sloppy to put effort into doing something “sexy and provocative” for your partner, so a sexy roleplay could be exactly what you need. Who does not want to feel desired? This roleplay scenario can be something as little as writing each other some spicy notes, or it can be something bigger as putting yourself into the roles of some imaginary characters. Most importantly – desire each other! If you need inspiration and ideas, our Games for Couples can help.

Benefits: hot emotions, spicy moments and sexy memories.

A. Something simple – sexy notes or messages (messages are a good option if you are not just the two of you), or showcasing your sexy lingerie.
B. Play activities from our spicy Games for Couples.
C. Roleplay a scenario. Spy and a girl in distress. Teacher and student. Reimagine your first date. Your imagination is your limit.


  1. House Party.

Turn on your stereo system, TV or your phone, play your favorite music and let the party begin! Enjoy the music and dance – slow dances, salsa, electric music – anything your heart desires. For nostalgia play some songs from your childhood or teenage years. Maybe, you have a song that is dear to you as a couple – now is a great time to remember those beautiful memories.
*If you live in an apartment, be responsible and don’t disturb your neighbors.

Benefits: stretched limbs, happy mood, positive emotions.

A. Dance to a song or two.
B. Remember some songs that were dear to you and remember those precious memories.
C. Full-on party – turn up the music, set the mood as in a club and dance for hours!


  1. Date Night at Home.

When you have been at home for days or weeks, you may start to miss the things like going out to restaurants, drive outside the city, picnic, so to remedy it a bit, create a date night in your home for just the two of you. If you are more people at home, make a family night. Dress up in some nicer clothes, make some snacks, pour a glass of wine and enjoy your company.

It may be so that after this long, you have had too much of each other, but remember that you used to think “we should spend more time together” – enjoy it!

Benefits: quality time together, nice conversations, escape from the daily routine.

A. Pour a drink and have a little chat about whatever together.
B. Add some snacks in the mix.
C. Dress up for each other, pour drinks, have snacks and enjoy a nice, quality date night!


  1. Exercise your Minds.

Cross-word puzzle, book, trivia game – anything that makes you think a bit! You can make your own games or download some game from the App/Play Store.

So, you don’t forget about the “gray matter”, make an exercise for your brain cells with an intellectual challenge. There is a lot to choose from – cross-word puzzle, chess, Sudoku, question each other, or just read a serious book. If you wish to take this to the next level and invite other people, there are apps, which allow you to make your own a trivia game or play an already made game on your phones (e.g. QuizUp, TriviaMaker and others).

Benefits: intellectual exercise and maybe you will learn something new.

A. Question each other by asking simple questions that you know the answer.
B. Read some self-improvement book (business, psychology, motivational etc.)

C. Download a new trivia or intellectual game to your phone.

  1. Praise Each Other.

After the 14-day challenge, praise each other, talk what you have learned and say how much they mean to you!

During this uncertain time, when there are a lot of emotions and feelings, it is extremely important to remember your loved ones and make them feel better by saying even a few kind, sweet words. Praise them and say thank you for the smaller and bigger things you appreciate and are thankful for.

Benefits: we all need to be loved and receive support, so with this challenge you will feel loved, needed and overall feel good.

A. Say three nice things about each other.
B. Write on a sheet of paper a list of the things you appreciate the most about your partner and then exchange the notes.
C. Continue to praise each other also tomorrow and the days after. Make this a routine exercise!


  1. Complete chillout day.

After all these challenges it is time to papmer yourself and do nothing! Or – to do only the things you wish to do! Take a bath, read a book, play video games, don’t think about diet. Enjoy yourselves and be happy!

Thank you

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