5 Ideas how to bring back the Spark in your Relationship

The beginning of the relationship feels easy, fun, and you don’t have to put a lot effort to feel spark between you two – you just feel it even when you are just simply sitting next to your partner. You are fascinated by your significant other and everything he or she is doing. Then the time passes, your rose-colored glasses fall down, and reality hits, and sometimes it hits hard. Your romantic story fades away and grows into a routine and maybe you even start to doubt if there has left any spark between both of you… But doubts are a clear message that there is still a chance to feel what you felt in the beginning in relationship!

Revisit memories and remember how everything started.

Take out your phones (or maybe, a photo album), look at photos from your past, revisit the memories, talk about your fondest moments together. Another fun activity is to repeat your first date, which could be perfect opportunity to relive and remember the beginning of your story. Try to fully imitate your first romantic date. In case if imitating first date can’t be possible, you can check out the the Romantic Game  for some more inspiration.

The Romantic Game is full of fun and sweet activities that can brighten your day, and bring back the spark to your relationship.

Open up and share your secrets.

Having a fully open conversation can improve the trust between you two, to see each other in a new light, and let in new feelings to your relationship. Let your partner feel that he/she can trust you by sharing secrets which you have never told. If you don’t have any secrets to share, just tell more about yourself, your beliefs, desires and opinions about life. Great help in this can be conversation games.

Joyful Couple's Conversations

For example, playing the Life Conversation game can start discussion and lead to new findings about life, values and beliefs. Maybe you have some secrets about sexual life which you would like to share now? In that case you should try the Naughty Conversations. This game will let you in relaxing atmosphere talk about your fantasies, desires or experiences, which for sure will bring back the passion and spark in relationship!

Avoid having sex for some time.

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This might sound odd, but some couples have found that taking sex off the table for some time has actually helped them to bring back the spark and passion to their relationship. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you would have to stop talking about it. Scientists have discovered that even only talking about sex related topics can give sexual satisfaction, so go ahead and shoot two birds with one stone – make sure your partner desires you more than ever and build deeper bond with her/him!

Or maybe do the totally opposite – do a sex challenge!

This tip might be especially helpful to those couples who think that their sex life needs improvement. Creating and completing your own sex challenge will guarantee that both sides will be heard and ahead of you will be amazing nights (or maybe mornings and days)! To make your own sex challenge you have to decide how long your challenge will last, when, how, what you will need (sex toys, accessories for role play, reading material etc.). This is a creative and sexy process, and even just the planning process, already can make you both feel some chemistry in the air.

Joyful Couple's Naughty Game

If you are out of ideas or want some help to make this challenge more interesting, you can look at some of the Sexy Games, like Naughty Scenarios or play out the activities of the Naughty Game or the Kinky Game. The Naughty Scenarios will help you to build many tasks which will have some variance each time, and Naughty and Kinky games offer fully completed tasks which you have to play out.

Leave your comfort zone.

Joful Couple Blog. Bring back the Spark in your relationship

Leaving the comfort zone together is an effective way how to bring back spark in relationship. Try to do something you have never done, are afraid or, or be your partner’s biggest support if he/she wants to try something that you are not comfortable – just by showing your support it can feel that you are doing it together!

Or maybe you can try out a new, untamed things in the bedroom? Something you thought unacceptable, but still feel curious about. If you are feeling very adventurous, perhaps the Kinky Challenges could lend a hand? In this game you can find 50 different challenging tasks that vary from naughty to very kinky. It will let you gain new experience, and will refresh your sex life for a long time. This game can even be part of your sex challenge!


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