Happy Holidays!

During Holiday Season, the Joyful little helpers are working especially hard so you can receive your gifts in time! For your convenience here are some of the frequently asked questions about delivery during December.

Free Shipping - All December

Holidays are about giving and love, so all U.S. orders enjoy free standard shipping. All December!

Frequently Asked Questions - Delivery During Winter Holidays

We will fulfill orders until December 21st, but, if you wish to safely receive your gift before Christmas - we recommend ordering before December 10th.

Usually, the delivery to US addresses take about 3-5 days, but December is a busy month for delivery services, so delays are a common thing, so we would recommend placing an order as early as you can.

We will be fulfilling orders until December 21st, but keep in mind although most orders are fulfilled within one business day, in busy periods fulfillment can take up to 3 days.

So, if you order after December 21st, your order might be shipped out only after Christmas.

After that, we will resume fulfilling orders on December 27th.

It depends, when you placed the order. We have a 20 day missing package policy, which means the package is considered lost, if it is not delivered within 20 days of the order date.

If you placed the order after November 27th, and your package still is not delivered (or available for pick up) on December 21st, it is not considered as late/lost. 

That being said, we encourage you to place an order as early as you can, but rest assured, only a few packages are delivered later than within 10 days.

During Winter Holidays we don't have any special sales, but our Bundle Offers are available for a reduced price as always!

The short answer would be - you know your partner the best, so give them what you both will enjoy playing!

But, if you still are unsure about, what they would enjoy the most, we can recommend the Bundle Offerings or you can go here and read overview article of our Relationship Games

If you did not find out what you were looking for, you might want to check out:

1) Our Shipping Policy Page;

2) Our General FAQ page;

3) Or, reach out to us at info@joyful-couple.com

Wishing you wonderful, loving, and sexy Holidays!

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