Black Friday

Biggest Sale of the Year - Black Friday!

On November 24th to 27th - Site-wide discount of 25%

Don't miss out, because it won't be as good as it is now!

During checkout use the code: BLACK25

BONUS OFFERBuy the Complete Bundle during the Black Friday sale and the other Massage Oil* (value 35 USD) as a gift. Total savings value of this offer: 200 USD!
*I.e., when selecting "Affection" Massage Oil, you Will receive a Free "Desire" Massage Oil and vice versa. 

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1. What products are eligible for the discount?

- It is a site-wide sale, so everything you see in stock at is eligible for the 25% discount.

2. Do all orders receive free shipping?

Yes, during the Black Friday sale, all orders with delivery within mainland USA will receive free shipping - on top of the 25% discount.

Other destinations are not guaranteed for a free shipping.

3. How can I receive the discount?

- During checkout, use the code BLACK25. The code is valid only from November 24th to 27th (00:00-11:59 EEST).

4. If I used the discount code once, can I use it again?

- Yes, as long you are using the code within the sale period, the code can be used multiple times. 

5. Can I combine this code with other discount code.

- No. the discount codes do not add up.

6. Can I use the code on a product that is out of stock?

- No. You can use the code for products that are in stock. We recommend using the code as early as possible, as the stock is in limited quantities.

7. Will there be another sale before Christmas?

- No, the Black Friday sale will be the last sale this year.


We hope you will enjoy our Black Friday sale!
Play Feel Love!

 Joyful couple's Black Friday Poster, November 24th to 27th

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