Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents.
Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents. What is in the box
Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents. What is in the box
Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents. Card samples
Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents.
Joyful Couple's New Parent Game. Game for the New Parents. What is in the box. Size reference

New Parent Game

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Enjoy the Adventure of being a New Parent!

The New Parent Game is created to make your parenting process more fun and easier. It will help to experience new, beautiful moments and bring you closer!

Being a new parent is hard. You are sleep-deprived, stressed out and your significant other has to deal with all of the responsibilities of being a parent while you're trying to adjust to this new life change.

A new baby is a blessing, but it can also be overwhelming for the family and the couple. The newborn doesn’t care about your daily routine and will need attention 24/7 which means that you won’t have much free time left for each other. Even if you do find some spare moments, both of you might not feel like doing something fun together because of exhaustion from taking care of the baby all day long.

Our New Parent Game helps with this situation! It includes 30 Coupon cards and 20 Surprise cards. The Coupon cards give your significant other permission to help you out with things like cleaning up after dinner or taking over the bedtime routine so that you can have some extra time for yourself. And the 20 Surprise cards are full of ideas on how to make your day better - from breakfast in bed to an afternoon date night! 

You will receive:

  1. Stylish packaging ready to be presented as a gift
  2. Instruction book
  3. 60 High quality playing cards:
    • 30 Coupon cards with activities
    • 20 Surprise cards with activities
    • 10 (5 Coupon and 5 Surprise-) blank DIY cards for your own imagination 

The cards are made in high-quality matte-laminated paper and are in light blue and baby pink colors. The game is packaged in a stylish box and tied with a light blue ribbon. It is a perfect gift for new parents - for your significant other, on baby showers, weddings etc.

Available in multiple languages: See above in the language menu.

Size of the Box: 14.5x11.5x3 cm / 5.7x4.5x1.2 in

Weight: 200g / 7 oz

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The Game came in the mail pretty quickly, it looks amazing and I know my boyfriend will really enjoy it. I can't wait to surprise him. I also really love that this shop is amazing when communicating with their customers, they reply quickly and even follow up to make sure the item arrived :) Will certainly buy from this store again in the future <3 


This is an awesome idea to give to your partner to spice up your sex life. Great game I should say. Can be an easy to go present if you have no time or “forgot” about your special day, or just an ordinary day! 


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