Why foreplay is so important and how to do it better

Physically foreplay is needed for both sexes.

When people think about foreplay and why it is needed from practical side, first thing which usually comes in mind is women’s health, but it is a misconception that physically foreplay is needed only for women. Yes, it is crucial part for women to be ready for penetration, but also it is a vital part of men’s sexuality.  Usually men need less time and preparation for it, but, while for a woman foreplay, indeed, is more important, so the woman can feel relaxed and comfortable (sometimes it is need to not feel pain during sex), and also to reach orgasm, men need foreplay as well for increased intimacy and pleasure – and, sometimes a good foreplay can extend the duration of sex, not the other way around.

Joyful Couple's Blog: Foreplay and how to do it better

Foreplay for emotional connection.

Of course, foreplay is needed not only for physical reasons. Foreplay is also a good way how to build deeper emotional connection between partners and create more good emotions and memories in your relationship. It gives insight what your other half would like to experience with you, and is good way how to relax and completely open up to partner, which in turn will be the groundwork for a better foreplay experience.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what exactly you want.

Joyful Couple's Naughty Conversations

 Foundation of a good foreplay is communication. Let your partner know what you like and what is total taboo. If you don't feel good just simply talking about these topics, try the Naughty Conversations. The Naughty Conversations will ease you, and will do the thinking for you. In a playful atmosphere you will be able not only reveal your desires but also get to know your partners preferences and fantasies.


Make time for your partner.

Making time for your partner is a significant part of relationships in general, but in foreplay it is even more important. There is a saying “Foreplay begins, when the sex ends”, meaning that foreplay is not only the physical part before sex, but everything in between – compliments, gifts, caring, passion, your looks, and so on. So, to say the least, a good foreplay always takes time, especially if you aren’t sure what exactly to do. Make sure that in the everyday rush you do not forget to care for each other, and from time to time give undivided attention to your loved one, when nothing can disturb you two in the middle of process!

Be creative and experiment!

If we are talking about the process, most people understand with the word “Foreplay”, the beginning that makes you going, is always the hardest part, so you can start with simple things like kissing, dirty talk, and slowly feeling each other’s bodies. Don’t rush into the things – first go with less sensitive body parts like legs, hands etc. Maybe you can give romantic or even erotic massage? It’s up to you! Just listen what your partner wants and experiment!


 If you don’t feel confident, lack ideas, or want to try something new, you can try our Foreplay Game. This game offers at least 50 easy foreplay ideas, sorted in 3 categories, which becomes more playful with each stage, will give you unforgettable Foreplay experience and will incite you to fantasize more about your own ideas.
Joyful Couple's Foreplay Game for Couples


Find what works best for you!

Joyful Couple - better foreplay, and how to achieve it

There is no one specific formula, which will work for every couple, it is up to you to find out, what works for you. Talk with your partner, listen on each other desires and experiment together! Only you two can find out what works best for you and involve that in your daily life.

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